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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tomorrow We Have a Birthday Boy

Tomorrow our baby turns six.
So I went through my computer, that isn't old at all, to see what my oldest photos 
are of my youngest boy.
I recognized all the clothes we have passed on.
And was surprised to find the oldest photo when he was still in diapers.
 He kinda has a look only a moma could love.
 He tends to get super duper dirty.
 And when mud isn't available, he finds other means to get messy.
 His smile can melt snow.
 He is a fine judge of cookies.
 He loves his brothers, his cousin, the dog and his stuffed animals.
 Competitive to beat his brothers.
 The biggest fan of Cars...the original Cars, not so much Cars 2.
 He can give the most odd grins.
 And doesn't much care for change, like when moma did that crazy hair dye thing.
 He looks for flowers and brings me smiles.
He growls with no fear at his big Daddy.

And I cannot believe he will be six.

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