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Monday, January 9, 2012

12 Days of Christmas

My husband doesn't seem to especially like Christmas.

I'll let you all try to take that information in.

So one year, for some reason I can't now recall, I started the twelve day of Christmas for him.

What I would do is on the day after Christmas I would give him a gift to say "Welcome to the 12 Days of Christmas!".  For instance, this year it was one big giant hershey kiss.

Then every day I give him a gift that coincides with the number, and every gift has some silly little poem or clue with it.

It's usually just practical gifts, but the way they are presented makes it fun.  The second day, for instance, was a new pair of gloves.

The third day of Christmas was a new picture frame.

It's to continue our "wall of love".

I started this a few years ago for one of the 12 days of Christmas and have just picked up the frames as we needed.  The frames just come from Family Dollar, cheap frames that hold a priceless memories.  Every one of the pictures shows some happy memory with the two of us.  The oldest picture is one where I am just pregnant for S2, I haven't found any older than that.  But it's fun to be headed out for something and say "Hey, this should go on our wall!".

But some of the gifts are silly.

I found this sign (We Accept Cash) when we went down to Shipsiwana.  I knew my husband, being the Dutch man he is, would love this.  And, because he likes to be practical, it would work well with our farm business as well.

Anyone who arrives at our door, knowing us well, is going to crack up.

This picture is still making me smile.

On the 12th day of Christmas I give him a 12 month planner.  This year they were nearly impossible to find - and I was looking BEFORE Christmas.  I found one not as great as the others in the past.  But then I go through the planner and write all sorts of dates down for him, stuff that is only important to us.   Some of it's practical, other's just silly.  But it's sweet to him and I.

When the 12 days are done, it seems so sad.

Last year I did not go through the trouble of doing the 12 days of Christmas.  I thought maybe he was burned out on it since the year before he didn't seem that "into it".  But he moaned and whined (did I just say that, really?) about how much he missed it.

It takes a long time to figure out what to do!  I carry a notebook with me and am constantly jotting down ideas down.  I began this journey for 12 days this fall.  I wish I had started earlier.

It's a silly fun way to show him how much I love him.  I think I enjoy it as much as he does.

I always miss it when it's done too.  

A blogging friend of mine did a Twelve Days of Christmas this year too....ranch style.  Every day since Christmas she has listed some thing she is thankful for in ranching according to the day.  It's been fun to read them on the days I hand over my gifts.  You can check them out at Life on a Kansas Cattle Ranch.

Just got asked to give more ideas.  Here is what I did for the 12 days this year...

Day 1 - giant hershey kiss
Day 2- a pair of gloves
Day 3- our 3 picture frame
Day 4 - 2 pair of tall wool boot socks
Day 5 - a book on cd
Day 6 - underwear
Day 7 - his cash sign
Day 8 - a box of turtles
Day 9 - a cd of 9 songs I made
Day 10 - 10 pairs of socks
Day 11 - a cd
Day 12 - his planner

The cd I made him was a new idea and way so much fun (thanks, Morgan, for that idea!).  I usually fill in gift cards on day five and ten but this year I had too many other ideas.  I also have gotten us romantic something or another, not to be mentioned :), on a specific day.  But mostly, it's just practical stuff with a silly poem to go with it.  And sometimes, the poem doesn't even rhyme.

Another idea I have tried - and failed miserably at - is then celebrating the 25th of every month.  Jake is notorious for letting me know how many months till Christmas because he knows I hate winter.  It's his little way to tease me.  But I usually end up forgetting his 25th gifts of the month - those were just the same sort of thing, gift cards or a special candy, his favorite dessert or some such thing.

You are only limited by your creativity.  I am not so creative so I have to start EARLY and am always looking for new ideas.  Give me some of your ideas!

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Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

That's SO cute. Such a great idea, and adorable that it's your "thing."