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Sunday, January 8, 2012


Last week, S3 took his new leap frog to church and forgot it.  He wasn't supposed to bring it and was devastated he forgot it.  Because we ended up not going to church Sunday night, I sent a text to Morgan who texted her brother who was at youth group to see if he could find S3's game.  He did.

But we didn't know that until Monday night when S3 called to see if they did.  He had been in torment wondering if it was lost for good but when he called on Monday night they assured him that it was safe and sound.

After he got off the phone, I went to call my mom and the phone didn't work.  It sounded like we hadn't hung up a phone or the friends we had just called had forgotten to hang up on us.

But Tuesday morning, our phone still didn't work.

Because I worked all day I didn't get around to calling about it until late evening.  Because cell service isn't wonderful in my house, it dropped the call.  On Wednesday, I was out with friends all day and when I arrive home, the phone worked! I figured it must have just been a glitch, my husband made a call with the phone and it worked great and all was well until...well, we realized the phone was as dead as before.

On Thursday I looked up AT&T to see how to trouble shoot any problem with the line.  I filled in my information and tried to look for what they said to look for but the phone still didn't work.  Frustrated, I sent out a tweet letting AT&T we were still without phone service.

Between Thursday night and Friday night, I had FIVE calls from various AT&T personal letting me know they were working on our phone and that someone would be fixing it shortly.

Now, you know I have had great customer service at AT&T.  I've talked about my ever so pleasant conversation with another mom of boys and how we connected.  We used to have AT&T service when we moved into our farm all those years ago but when we got our internet service through MEI, we went with their wireless phone service for our home phone.  We never could get the wireless phone service to work well here...but their internet service is great (we still kept that)...and their customer service is truly top notch.  And local.  I can rave about MEI to anyone, they are THAT great a company.

So AT&T had big shoes to fill.

We were told that our line would be worked on Sunday...keep in mind how long we had been without phone service now, thank goodness for internet connection!  Had this been our busy growing season, I'd have been pulling my hair out but it's slow this time of the year...sometime between 1 and 5pm.  My husband and I joked it would be 5pm probably.

But as soon as we had finished Sunday dinner, as though they had an innate sense to have perfect timing, Brian(?) called to say he was on his way.  And he arrived moments later.

He was nice and polite and felt awful when our screen door slammed (it's broken, we're used to it).  I have no idea WHAT he did, but he fixed our phone just as quick as can be and now our phone works wonderfully.

I'd say that is pretty great service.

And I'm thankful to have been treated so well from a large company after loving the small town care of our small company.

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