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Monday, April 9, 2012

How to Pose for a Great Picture

On Easter, I was determined to get a photo with Morgan.  We just don't have many good ones and I love her dearly.  Like, so very dearly. And I want a photo of us!

When I had told Jake we needed our annual family Easter photo, he had wanted us to line up against the siding of the church, with it's green mold climbing up the side.

Um, no.

Morgan and I were all about finding a PRETTY place for a photo.

She took some great photos of us and then handed the camera to Jake to take some photos of us.

With a bunch of editing, Morgan got our photo to turn out this amazing.

But, unbeknownst to us, Jake had set the camera on video and THIS is what he got at first....

If ever you think we look amazing in photos it's because we love instagram and we take a zillion so you don't ever see us giggling, trying to keep from crying from the wind, attempting to look pretty and not blow away and keep our hair in place.

This video that wasn't suppose to be caught of Morg and I makes me smile.  I'm going to love it for forever, I think.

Because how to pose for great pics is this.....laugh.

Every photo I love the most were the ones that we were just being us in.  And that's when you catch the beauty of it all. 

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Unknown said...

LOL LOL LOL I love this video so much! "It's taking a really long time, it's normally fast" well, videos of us posing can teach us something I'm sure.