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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Making Easter Breakfast for Our Church

This post is going to be picture heavy.
S4 was given the camera.
He took nearly NINETY photos.
These are just the highlights.
You have been warned.

A request went out in our Sunday School class (before we started teaching our 3rd ad 4th grade class) to have volunteers to make Easter breakfast.  For some reason we volunteered.

So, at some time around four in the morning, my husband got up on Easter morning and woke up his two oldest boys to get ready to go to church and make breakfast.

Jake checking to make sure we were working as he ate bacon.

 I know this may be hard to believe, but he was uber annoying this morning.  He flipped on the lights in the bedroom, blinding me at the early hour that it was.  He poked me the ribs, hauled the blankets off of me, asked me a million questions but mostly it was, "You gonna get up? Huh? Huh? Huh? You gonna get up? You're lovin me right now, aren't you?"
S1 and Brock on eggs or bacon duty.

 I was glad when he left.  I need coffee before dealing with him like that.  Because I was making pancakes and I would be bringing the little ones, we made a decision I would show up a little later.
Fruit kabobs.

 When I showed up, I was wearing jeans and my favorite slip on shoes because I was working in the kitchen.  My hair was piled up in a wet bun on the top of my head.  This was tough for me, and I am just going to admit that.  I like to super dress up for Easter.  It's been my "thing" for forever.
Morg's blueberry and chocolate chip scones.

 But the fun we had in the kitchen this morning, WAY more fun and WAY more worth it!
AMAZING cinnamon rolls.

 We were joking and laughing and flipping pancakes, spearing fruit, frying bacon, mixing coffee.  Did I mention the joking and laughing?
A pretty flower arrangement.

 Curt mentioned it was like the New Covenant which I asked, "Where is that at?" and he rolled his eyes as Emily nearly died laughing.  "In Acts?" he answered me, sarcastically.  Oh, I get it when the church first started.  Those first Christians musta had a lot of fun then because we sure did!

 We could not have pulled it off without Link and Kate Pape who just stepped in and stepped up to make sure we had all the sausage links, bacon, cinnamon rolls, pans, pots and probably a zillion other things I didn't even know they did.
S2 and Curt working on pancakes.

I was on pancake duty and Curt, I found out, is the pancake master.  He was keeping a close eye on us to make sure that we made the pancakes properly.
Curt who is apparently a pancake professional.

I wasn't worried we would mess them up.  I mean, I've been making pancakes for YEARS.
Moma and S2 making pancakes.

And I was right.  S2 and I did a great job making the pancakes that Curt mixed up and plopped on griddles for us.  We were a good team, I think even Curt agreed.
Kate and Link Pape. They totally rock and MADE this morning!

All the time we were in the kitchen cooking up a storm. S4 kept walking around taking photos.  Like I told you, there were over ninety that he took.
S1 and Brock making eggs.

It was fun to see the boys helping so much.  Not so much the little ones, of course, but S1 and S2 cooked the entire time we were there.
My handsome man and Link (who would like to add he's pretty good lookin too, I am sure!)

And as crowded as we were in that kitchen, as sleep deprived as we were, we all just kept laughing.
Em, who is a hoot and I love to pieces, and me.

It helped that my husband was dispensing advice on how to be romantic and how weeding the garden is really a date and how he is so romantic that we don't need dates.  (Um, hon, we do!)
Super blurry me and Morg.

I am really blessed to have this group in my life, in my family's life. We were all part of the Sunday School Bill had started and we have grown so close.
S1 and S4, awwwwww!

We made such a great team and made such yummy food that I am rather certain this is going to become an annual thing for us.
You should have heard all he had to say, Hubs NEEDED the spatula to the head!

Which I knew as soon as I walked into that kitchen and caught the look in my husband's eyes.  He was having way too much fun doing this.
The cappuccino maker kept us caffeinated, including the kiddos like S3.

We all pitched in to clean up and in no time flat all the dishes were washed and dried and we began the process of reloading all the things we had hauled into the kitchen to make the food.
Brock loading up on caffeine.

I had grabbed a black skirt to wear that I had just picked up at Goodwill.  The black skirt is all flirty twisty poofy.
S4 would like you to know this is a good picture, it shows the whole table.

It was super windy out and when we went to get our annual family photo taken I was quite sure it was going to give someone a good show.  I should have just kept the jeans on.
I'm hungry again just looking at these photos!

But after my husband suggested us getting our photo taken against the white polebarn siding of our church and Morg and I nearly shouting "NO!" we stood behind some green bushes and had some phtotos taken.
Tables laden with breakfast food.

In that moment, with the wind whipping around us as we laughed and tried to snap some good photos, it hit me.
Yup, that is my handsome man adding the eggs to the table.

This is probably my most favorite Easter ever.
And we were now ready to eat!

When Sunday school started, I won the snack contest because I had actually brought a snack for the class while Curt had not - haha!
The food...

After Sunday school the sleepiness was hitting us.  Our group was found in the kitchen chugging orange juice and coffee to stay awake.
All our kids were the first ones in line to get food!

At church we watched our kids choir of nearly all boys sing.  I was thankful the hole in S4's knee didn't show too much.
Kate and I loading up on coffee in our new church mugs. I drank a LOT of coffee!

When we returned home that afternoon, we crashed.  Hubs and I fell into our bed and fell asleep.
The people who came to eat our amazing breakfast.

The boys zoned in front of the tv and folded socks.
The coffee table, I loved this. A joker (ahem, KEVIN!) had to show off his food though. Guess he thought it was THAT good...and it was! :) 

Later when Jake grilled cheeseburgers for our non traditional Easter meal, when we bowed our heads to pray, we thanked God for the gift of Easter.  
The coffee table. Sigh of love for the beauty of it. Oh, and who drinks decaf coffee in the morning? Curt and I agree they must be losers!

We also thanked God for the gift of Friendship.
New coffee mugs with Easter eggs.

And the blessing of making breakfast.
So grateful for this man, Bill.  Here he was helping S1 tie his tie.

Morg came over tonight to have a cheeseburger we had saved for her.
S1 picked out this whole outfit at Goodwill and he is as proud as can be to have a suit and tie!

And she agreed too, this was a great day.
Lilacs and other flowers that decorated the tables everyone ate at.

 We have been laughing at the 90 plus photos taken today.  Sheesh! S4 with a camera is a scary thing!  But how fun to record our special Easter day!

Family Photo

Because these are the memories I do believe they will treasure for a long time to come.

Kids Choir, there are a LOT of boys at our church!
Happy Easter, everyone!

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Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

I LOVE all of the photos he took!!

And I just can't get past this, I know it's shallow. Did you redo your hair between bun and family photos? If not, just lie to me and tell me that you did.