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Sunday, April 1, 2012


Sunday's equal insanity over here at our house.

I don't know how Sunday's go at your home, but if they are peaceful and joy filled I am not sure I want to hear about it and you can pray for me about that.

But I won't want to hear about it.


The funny thing is that as stressed as they are, we always ended up laughing and joking about them allllllllllllll day long.

Today it started about cinnamon rolls.  Hubs asked for them, I bought them, hubs forgot that and ate cereal after I had informed all our starving children they could NOT eat until Daddy woke up and mama made cinnamon rolls.

Silly stuff like that.

We arrived at church on time - I just may write this momentous occasion on the calendar - and immediately headed to the dungeon.

We teach Sunday School there.

I have this insane fear of rats.  And I hate to be cold.  The basement in our church scares me and makes me cold.  The hallway to the basement is not heated.  Our church is this adorable 150 year old building. It's quaint and charming.  Until you have to walk down the basement steps.  My husband knows my innate fear and teases me "What was that?" he'll jump and I'll freak and he'll laugh and I'll scowl but I have to be careful to not fall in my heels.

We have established the fact that I love heels, correct?

But the fun thing about Sunday school is the competition for best snack.  We don't have to bring snack to Sunday School but I have a class of all boys (of course) so I know they fear starvation.  Today we brought cinnamon rolls.  And I was sure I would beat Curt, who is single and young and I was convinced did not know how to bake.

He made home made cream puffs.

HOME MADE!!! I brought cinnamon rolls from a can! And his cream puffs recipe is way better than mine!  They are made with - get this - whipping cream. How can it NOT be good with whipping cream?

Our competition makes me laugh every single week.

Being Palm Sunday, all the kiddos in the church were able to wave palm branches and sing some special music.  It's always fun to sit in the pew and watch my boys up on stage.  Why, yes, I am that mom who waves insanely at their child.

When S4 arrived back to sit near me, it was then I realized his shirt was on inside out.  Yes, it was a button down dress shirt but he had managed to button it.  Thankfully, the friend who handed it down to us had taken the tags out so I may be the only one who noticed...I hope.

After church we were headed home and my husband, I swear, was doing all he could to irritate me greatly.  I called him on it and told him I didn't even know what to say to him.

To which he replied.....

"You just say I am the most handsomest man you could have married and you are just so madly in love with me and I am just the greatest specimen of manliness."

I rolled my eyes.

Back home we worked on finishing up dinner (ham, mashed potatoes, cheesy vegetables, rolls, in case you wanted to know...) and as we worked together we kept the teasing up.  It's just how we roll.

At dinner, the boys were teasing me about the parody songs they have been listening to.  They love Cletus take the Real.  Can not stand the song because I love the Carrie Underwood song.  I dislike the song so much I won't even link to it here - because it's my blog and I can do that.

But my boys love the song.

This conversation causes my husband to start youtubing at the table to see who it was who sings it, which causes him to find the song Pretty Pink Tractor which had the boys in stitches and then he found this bit that made me laugh out loud because author stories like this always make me laugh.

I had never heard of TIm Hawkins but I have a feeling we may be looking up his videos more often.

Anyhow, after all that, I took a nap.

When I awoke from my nap - bless my husband for that - S4 worried over me.  Why on earth would his mama need a nap?  He fights naps and here mama is taking one.

Mama's get sleepy too.

And that's my Sunday.  How did your's go?


Barbara Rogers Buchanan said...

All I can do is snicker. Brings back some memories of when we all stomped into Sunday School because we were out of sorts ~ Thanks for giving us a glimpse into your life! Love it!

Barbara Rogers Buchanan said...

I just have to snicker! Reminds me of some days when we were all out of sorts . . . stomping into Sunday School. Thanks for sharing your life with us!