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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Childbirth Isn't Bad At All

This was too much for a facebook post so you get a hurried - very hurried - blog post.

My husband likes to tease....alllllllllllllllll the time.

One of the many things he teases about regularly is childbirth.

He get's a sliver and says, "It's worse than childbirth!"

I glare.

The boys giggle because Daddy is getting "the mean mama" look.

But today?

Today S1 is hanging out outside with his Daddy as they work on plow trucks, a very manly thing to do.  They came in to wash hands and brought up a time Daddy had burnt his hand pretty badly.

"THAT," Jake said, "Was worse than childbirth."

I glared.

S1 paused then said seriously - very seriously - "I bet it was.  I mean, women want to go through childbirth again but you never are going to burn your hand like that again so it must have been worse than childbirth."


My husband is as proud as can be at this statement.

"Good point! Good point!" he laughs as he slaps my son on the back.

I don't know who to disown.

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