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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

DownEast Basics

When I visited Becca in Arizona (a moment while I lament how much I miss her......), she took me to this adorable store called Downeast Basics.

Because Becca is brilliant, truly really brilliant, she told me it was a great thing that I was buying the stack of clothes I had to shove into my carry on because then I would know what sizes I would need when I reordered something.

Brilliant, that Becca.

These cami's were on sale.  I really wanted one in red, but it wasn't in my size.  So I purchased one in a light brownish color (it's not really brown, not really tan).

I thought it would be cute layered under clothes because this cami is loooooooong.

What I did not expect was loving how this cami dressed everything I wear up so much that I am literally washing it a few times a week just to keep wearing it.

So I was pretty excited when I received an email from Downeast Basics letting me know that they were having a big ol' Happy 21st birthday sale.

I squealed a little.

And quickly ordered two more cami's.

They only have them in black and in white but I am happy with anything at this point.  And I hope they make them for forever and ever and ever amen.

If lace isn't your thing (I know, it's hard to see white on white but that is lace at the bottom), they have plain colored cami's too.  Just as long.  I have one of those too.

In the lace cami I needed to order x-large.  I usually wear a size medium.  So, I'll mention it again, Becca was brilliant to tell me to buy it so I knew what size to order later.

Studio Jewel recently mentioned them in a blog as well.

I'm telling you, these are such a great addition to your wardrobe.

So, don't miss the sale!

(This blog post is my own thoughts.  Downeast Basic's doesn't even know I exist.)

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