Monday, September 21, 2009

Trying to Blog...but life gets in the way! (and a story about boogers)

I have been desperate to blog. However, I have zillions of tomatoes that have taken over my life and I have been so busy canning. While canning, I continue to think of blogs to mind is overflowing with stories for all of you! One of these days I will get a break and then I will write and write and write and I cannot wait!

Today, we had a late start to the day because I took all the boys into town for their flu shots. Well, the mist, not the shots because if it's shots I have to have the entire nursing staff hold the boys down.

That is not an exaggeration.

Anyhow, I told our favorite nurse (Hello Nurse S!) this story and I can tell it's one I'll be sharing a bit more today so I figured, hey, I'll drop by my blog, tell ya'll what we have been up to and then share this funny story.....

Yesterday, my hubby and I were making salsa. We had a guest speaker at church and while the two youngest boys had been sick earlier in the weekend they seemed fine now and I really wanted to hear the speaker so we all loaded up to church. However, we were planning on making more salsa as soon as we got home so I hollered to the boys to get cleaned up and then get in vehicle to go.

I never checked them. I should know better by now.

We get to church (late, as usual) and I look down the pew at our boys. It was hard to miss S4's super ripped jeans and dirty shirt. But it was downplayed boy S3, covered in mud, shoes on wrong, clothes all dirty. I leaned over to tell my husband to look at HIS son and he sorta snickered. Then I watched as S3 stuck his finger up his nose to look for and dig out a booger (this completely and totally grosses me out, by the way) and I leaned over to tell my husband to look again at S3. I would have leaned over the other three boys to slap S3's hand down but his finger was so far up his nose, I was afraid it'd hit his brain. Then I watched in horror as HE ATE THE BOOGER !!!!! I was trying not to choke, my husband was trying not to laugh and our boys were looking at us as if to say "get a hold of yourself".

So, while you have not heard from me lately, keep in mind that my boys have still been doing insane things for me to share with you.

As soon as this busy season slows down, I'll fill you all in.

But, hey, if you can't read my blog, check out THIS blog. I just kinda found it and really enjoy it a lot. I have even posted some her blogs on facebook, she is that good! If this woman lived near me, well, I think I would have a canning partner...if she was done counting cows.


ValAnn said...

Sorry you are too busy to bog... I know what you mean about thinking of things to write, when you can't.

Boogers and boys... oh what fun! Happy canning!

The Farmer's Wife said...

I could DIE laughing about the booger!!!
My husband, as God's great humor would have it, just posted a picture of OUR little angel with his finger 2nd knuckle deep in HIS nose....and I'm horrified that the father of that child is rather proud, although for the life of me, I can't think why!!!

Are you sure you don't want to move to Montana?! You can move cows with me, and I'll can tomatos with you. I'm the only one in the house who eats tomatoes, so it would be heavenly...and we could have coffee on the deck, while the kids run around picking boogers and packing kittens around...come on over....