Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Dirty in Muddy Dirt

You have all seen the know that our boys can be mud covered. VERY mud covered.But recently, this is how I looked...pretty much all day long. Notice my hands? Covered in mud. I was completely drenched in mosquito was like this invisible protection all around me. Sadie did not fare as well.
The funny thing is, Hubby thought it was the coolest thing ever to see me all dirty in my garden trying to start this perennial garden. He wanted to capture the moment.

So since we usually just post nice pictures of us, when make up and clothes and hair are just so and we are feeling pretty confident in sending it out into the cyberspace, well, I am taking a huge risk in showing you these.

Just trying to keep it real out here on our little farm.


The Farmer said...

Dang look at all that mud. Even when it rains we don't get that much mud.

Kim said...

Oh. my. word! That pic of your boys is horrifying, as visions flash before me of my 4 girls doing the exact same thing if they had a chance! Filthy fun!