Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Rule of Three

Many apologies to Becca who tagged me ever so long ago and I am just now responding. I didn't totally forget, Becca!

Our Crazy Boys is a great blog I have been following for awhile now. Becca answers all my Mac questions with patience. She lives a life totally unlike mine, I do believe, and I have come to think of her as a dear friend. She has literally kept me giggling in waiting rooms of the Walk in Clinics and given me new ways to think about my life that is always refreshing. Her blog is a hoot, check it out because I know you will love it.

The jist is, I give three answers to the questions. You can check out Becca's answers HERE.

Three Names I Go By.



Auntie Dee.

Three Jobs I Have Had.

(other than being a wife and mom)

Farm Market.

Newspaper Stringer (for a super short time).


Three Favorite Drinks.


Iced Tea.

.....water.....but I can live dangerously and add lemon.

OH! I like those fruit drinks...what are they called? Vitamin Water. XXX is my FAVORITE. But I hardly ever get them.

Three TV Shows I Watch

Fox 17 News...all the time. :)

24, when it was on.

Glee. I admit it. I watch it when I can.

And I am currently looking for a new show to watch, to look forward to every week this fall and winter. Suggestions?

Three Places I Have Been.

Hawaii my senior year in high school, to see my Aunt.

Canada two boys ago, to visit that same Aunt. (she is VERY loved)

When I was little, my parents took us all to see the coal mines in West Virginia and the Ocean. I loved it. And only remember snippets, which is sad.

That's it....other than Upper MI or Indiana, that's all the places I have been other than home.

(though I really really really liked Becca's answer on this.......I've been there, AM there, too!)

Three Places I Would Like To Visit.

Montana. Especially a farm in Cohagen.

All of the USA, really. I hear about it all and would love to just travel it over. In an RV. With a full time tour guide and me not driving. And especially Becca's pool when it is cold here. And R's place in Texas, cuz she lives around the corner from Cabela's and didn't even know what it was and she runs to Starbucks all the time and that would just be fun.

Germany, to visit my cousin and travel around with her. We could go to all of Europe and I would be okay with that.

And Australia. Because I want to say "good'ay" so badly. And Paris, because I read Almost French and now I have to go to BOTH Australia and Paris.

And I know that's really four places. But Montana is IN the USA so really it's three.

Three Favorite Dishes

Anything my mom makes. Really.

All kinds of bread.

Peanut butter. I eat it every single day.

Three Things I am Looking Forward To.

More beach days this summer.

Helping Sue with Praise and Coffee, especially the tour of coffee shops and writing. I love to write.

Sleep. I just have to say, I just love to sleep. Read and sleep. And I don't get nearly enough of it. Ever. I always am not finished reading and not getting enough sleep.

Thus another reason for coffee.

So, now you all know......I am sure your life is better by knowing these things about me.

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Becca @ My Crazy Good Life said...

My life IS better knowing all those things! You have have made me day with your kind words - Thank you so much :)

And I would LOVE for you to come visit Arizona. We could sit by the pool, drink margaritas, and yell "stop being loud and having fun!" to the boys. (Because that's what I do when I'm trying to relax by the pool). I have been brainstorming ways to send you your first margarita... it's obviously not going well, as you don't have one in your mailbox right now :)