Saturday, July 17, 2010

Wanted, Dead or Alive

A few nights ago, my Hubby was out working in the fields when he came upon a little baby bunny. A "Wild Rabbit" as my boys call them. It was so tiny and he was able to just scoop it up. And this was just too cute not to share, so he brought it to us in the house. I oohed and aahed over it, cuz it IS that cute, but the boys fell in love with the little thing and wanted to keep it for forever and forever...or until it got so big it could live on its own.

Before we could even say, "we'll think about it" they had a milk crate lined in an old towel, a little dish of water, grass and a carrot in the milk crate and every one of them was taking the time to cuddle with the bunny to show us how responsible they all are.

So we agreed. In hopes it would be let go later this week.

And it was, just not the way we intended.

The bunny escaped the coop. Some time in the night, it got out of the crate and is hiding in our house.

I have searched every corner I can, I have crawled on my hands and knees, I sorted EVERY piece of dirty laundry, and I still cannot find it.

I think I'll put a poster on the door for anyone who stops in "wanted, dead or alive, this cute bunny".

Cuz when the weather man is talking 95 degrees with high humidity this week, uh, you don't want to smell out the little bunny's hiding place.

And once we do find it, cute as it is, it's living outside, where if it escapes again, it can find other bunny friends to live with instead of dusty house corners.

PS As I was loading the photo up on this story, Sadie began tearing the living room apart. As I hollered at her, from the corner of my eye I seen a flash of brown. Followed by the clamor of Sadie in hot pursuit. THE BUNNY!!!!!!! I was screaming at Sadie so loud to stop that the boys came falling into the house and what do they see? Their moma, still in her jammies, diving over the garbage can to pick up a bunny. Unhurt. And now it lives outside. In a crate. On the porch. The end.

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