Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Visit In Studio with Fox 17 Morning News

July 27th was a big day for us. It was circled on the calender. It was scheduled with a week as well as a day before reminder on my blackberry. As if we would forget. We were headed to Fox 17.

I was giddy with joy. The boys were impossibly excited.

The morning arrived cool, and I just couldn't believe it was THE day. I laid there in bed, trying to wake up, nervous butterfly's in my tummy.

I had all the boys clothes laid out. I had himmed and hawed and sent pics of possible outfits to friends and come to the conclusion that it DOES take a village to dress an indecisive girl, and I ended up picking the outfit no one did....and then promptly forgetting to grab my sweater on the way out. Nerves.

S4 woke up wailing.

This was not good.

He decided he wanted to wear shorts rather than pants. I had picked clothes out for the the two younger boys the night before, they had gotten to choose their shirts from the options I put before them so they felt the dressed themselves cool. S1 and S2 I let wear whatever they long as it was clean. But now S4 wanted shorts and although I had done mostly all the laundry, no one could find one pair of shorts for him.

He was devastated.

I did not want to see this drama on THIS morning.

But we rolled with it, ran late as usual (I cannot even trick my mind to be on time, I swear) and as we were headed out the door, literally, the phone rang.

Thinking it was my mom to wish me luck, I answered to hear it was Curt, from Fox 17. He asked if it was correct we were headed up there today. I told him yes and braced to hear how something had come up and we needed to reschedule.

Nope, he asked if we could be ON TV.

I told him since the boys were bathed and in clean clothes so we would be okay with that. Really. That is truly what I said.

So we rushed off to the huge cement city, during a busy time of the day, to a place I had been once...but not from the direction of our house.

Hubby told me that he should pass us south bound on the highway so while I was praying that God would calm my nerves, S4 would behave and we wouldn't make Fox 17 look bad, I was also looking for a white semi truck.

I waved to numerous truck drivers, only to realize it was not my hubby and quickly yanking my arm back into the window. But we did see him and we did wave like crazy, which was all kinds of fun.

Well, except that S3 and S4 did not see their Daddy and then began wailing about the unfairness of that. So I had S1 stick in a CD (thanks An and Jeff for making it for us!) and we jammed to "We Will Rock You" and, of course, "Fred Bear". You know, great city driving music...for country boys.

We arrived and never once made a wrong turn. This is huge.

We were ushered in where we met up with the wonderful and super sweet Andrea who led us into the Studio. Past the "On Air" light. Some scurrying around and suddenly there were five chairs lined up for us to sit in.

It was surreal for a few moments. It was also very cold.

Mike and Sarah waved and greeted us. With it being bubble gum day, Mike had a BAG full of bubble gum that he kept pelting the camera guys with and shared with the boys. The boys could not believe their luck, bubble gum first thing in the morning! This place totally rocked!

Because you want to know...the studio is super small. The whole building is small. I think it is a large part of the reason why you feel there is such camaraderie amongst the crews. You sorta have to get along. You are all that close to each other.

Floor director, Mike (not to be mistaken for anchor man Mike) offered us coffee, spent time explaining different things in detail, read my panicked look when S4 decided he needed the bathroom....he is the sweetest. I could go on and on and on about the wonderful Mike, he was that great. You can "like" him on facebook HERE. You should.

During one of the commercial breaks, the boys got to check out the weather screen. Kevin was in for Jon this week and he offered to show the boys the screens. It was then floor director Mike thought "hey, lets have the boys do weather!"

So they did.

You can watch it HERE.
Here is floor director Mike getting the boys in place for the weather segment with Kevin.

Other than suddenly not being able to find the cities on the weather map, the boys loved it. They had all kinds of fun. The boys could not get over how cool it was that the screen was green. All. The. Time. Since we have been home they get quiet when the weather comes on just to try to take that moment all in again.

I was totally fascinated by watching it all. All the behind the scenes stuff is so thrilling to me. Well, except that remember I told you how small the studio is? Imagine keeping FOUR BOYS QUIET...on spinning bar stools.

But really truly, they did great.

Floor Director Mike asked if I had ever been mic'd up...which of course, I had he sweetly explained how I would need to get the mic on and run the cord under my shirt and up to my collar. He was thoughtful enough to stand in front of me so I could easily run the cord up.

Now, here is some little tid-bit that you all love to hear that no one would know if I didn't share it with you. I was wearing one of my most favorite outfits, the one my Dad bought for me a few years ago. The skirt had no pockets, and really, it is a little loose in the waist (my aunt and I had taken it in before but it's just something I have to watch). Not wanting to have a pantie line, I had worn my biggest boy short type pantie that just happened to guarantee no pantie line...but also was so high it could possibly be pulled up to my belly button.

I am sure the floor guys have easily gotten a good view of these pink panties at any given moment with the weight of the two mic boxes on the back of my skirt.

In the F block...floor director Mike asked me if it was okay to be in that block, which I had no idea what that meant but, sure, why not?...he ushered me up to the desk, and sat me on the stool with wheels. I was so glad there was a lip all the way around the platform, I would have rolled off. I am sure. Floor director Mike told me not to worry about the cameras, just look to anchor man Mike and Sarah and chat with them. So I did.

I'm sorry I don't have a picture of this, I didn't get many pictures at all of the day. I was too busy drinking it all in. But this is what I wished I had somehow captured. However, you can watch it all HERE.

And then the news was done. Mike and Sarah had some more segments to tape with the super bubbly and friendly vet who comes in once a month so Andrea took us for a tour of the building.

This is the time when the S3 and S4 hit meltdown.

All four ran to the suburban to get all the zucchini and summer squash they had picked themselves, this was a big deal to them, when S4 realized he would not win the race back in and so he gave up and fell to the floor, taking S3 with him.

They laid on the floor, in the little glass enclosed waiting area you had to be let in from, and screamed the injustice.

I just held the door shut. I leaned around the corner to see the secretary watching us. "They'll be okay in just a second," I assured her.

She couldn't stop laughing at us.

I found the tour thrilling. Everyone I met was just as nice as I would have imagined them to be...and then even nicer than that. They are friendly and kind. I cannot rave about this great company enough.

After all the segments and bits were done, we got to pose for some pictures.
I still can't believe Sarah held a super sad S4, who had been just covered in chocolate donut.

And then we said good bye, loaded up in the suburban and I gave Hubby a call. It was then, talking to him, that it hit me just what had gone on.

We had been to Fox 17. We had been in the studio and on TV.

I began screeching with joy, all my words tumbling over themselves.

S4, however, leaned his head back and fell asleep. Mornings are not his thing. At all.
I can't thank Fox 17 enough again.

Here are a few more links for you.......

You can facebook friend the anchors here.....Mike Avery, Sarah Brodhead, Mike'd Up, Kevin Craig, Robb Westaby.

You can also follow them on twitter..... @FOX17 @averyFOX17 @sarahbrodhead

You can facebook fan the morning news HERE.

You can check out the website Fox 17 Morning News HERE.

Did you notice my new Fox 17 Morning Mom button on the side of the blog? That is a direct link to the Fox 17 morning news. You can't always find me there....and I'm not really sure how long I'll be around there (I hope for a really long time though, I cannot stress to you enough the fun we are having!) but the button is there to take you there (I feel like we should break into song "I'll take you there!" by the Staple Brothers.)

Getting back on track....

There was a lot more that happened that day. Special things. Some things I just don't want to share because, well, some things are too special. And some parts I will wish I had mentioned because I wanted to share it all with you but have forgotten for the moment.

But this is what I want to end with....

Thank you to my boys, my wonderful funny boys. If they disliked being on the news, if they didn't think this was just as fun and just as cool as I do, I could not do this. Without my boys I would be boring. I am blessed by the fun they are.

And by the fits they have to share with all of you.

And thank you to my husband, who didn't complain when he got home and we ate one of his least favorite dinners because it was an easy meal. Or complain because I crawled exhausted into bed at 8:30 pm after all the excitement.

And to Mike and Sarah, it was soooooooooooooo wonderful to finally FINALLY meet you!!!!! Thank you for being so kind to us since May, thank you for making my boys feel like super stars. It has truly been wonderful getting to know you both....and Andrea, and Jon and everyone else I have chatted on the phone with. (sorry I never said hello, Curt!)

Okay, my eyes are filling with tears over how over flowing with blessings I feel. I'm done now.


Mari said...

That was great! Thanks for posting the link. I think you could all be pros!

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What a great pic of you guys in the studio! Sounds like a fun...and exciting...morning!

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Hello! I saw you following me on Twitter and when I saw your twitter name I had to stop by and follow your blog! We are living like the same life! My hubby and I have been married for 11 years and we now have 5 boys ages (almost)10, 7, (almost)5, 2 and 12days!

Feel free to stop by and visit my blog if you haven't already at (name will be changing to 5sons soon!)