Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Barefoot with a Fishing Pole In Church

We have VBS (Vacation Bible School) at our church this week. Yesterday, S3 refused to go. He didn't want me to be home all alone. Isn't that sweet of him? I was completely fine, COMPLETELY fine, to be home alone but how could I refuse him? So he stayed home with me where we made up a special lunch for his brothers and he played quietly, enjoying his time alone at home.

It was nice. Really, it was a sweet time together.

This morning, however, he decided he would like to go to VBS. So, we hurried around (because we always and forever seem to run late) and we rushed off to church. Rushing off I felt that sick feeling you get when you realize that all to soon I will do this EVERY SINGLE SCHOOL MORNING.

May summer never end.
Upon arriving to church, S1 began to pull out fishing poles out of the back of the suburban. It's fishing theme day at VBS and, let me tell you, we are prepared for such a day. He had thought to take all the hooks off, which was brilliant of him.
It was about this time we realized that S3 had forgotten his shoes at home. We did not have a spare pair in the vehicle. S2 panicked. "How can he go into church with no shoes on??????"
S1 answered him with a practical reply of "It's church. What's he need shoes for inside a church?"

Brilliant son, I tell you.
So, just to get this image correctly formed in your head, S3 is going to church with long jeans and a long sleeved hooded shirt on because the poor thing has poison ivy. The poison ivy is less tempting to itch if he has long clothes on. But just the same, you see the rash prominently on his forehead and chin. He is barefoot. And he is carrying a fishing pole. Into church.
I am thankful for our church family. They love us anyhow...and I do believe we are memorable family there.

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Karen said...

When I saw your title I thought that you were going to say that your son was in a production of 'Down By the Creekbank'. Are you old enough to remember that? It was a children's musical & record & lots of churches did the musical with their children's choirs. (This would have been late 70's/early 80's).

Anyway, once again your post had me laughing.

By the way,to answer your question about potatoes, we put them in our cellar. But, we still end up with sprouted, wrinkled potatoes. One thing we try to do is have the boys help de-sprout the potatoes as they start to sprout. Also, we have a dirt floor in the spring cellar portion of our basement. My husband said that years ago they would have buried the potatoes in the cool dirt in there to keep them from sprouting.