Monday, July 19, 2010

S1 Turns Eleven

On Friday it was S1’s birthday. He turned eleven. ELEVEN.

He wasn't even home, he was at a tractor show all weekend with his Papa. He didn't mind at all.
fixing bikes while we are camping this June

I blinked. Really. All I did is think I’d catch a few seconds of rest and I blinked and woke up to a boy who has the same size feet as me, stands at my shoulder, and is more little man than little boy.

I’m not sure I am ready for that.
with Daddy

It has amazed me over the past year how much older he has gotten. Last year, watching him, I had the sinking feeling it was his last year as a little boy. I was right. Now when we go camping or to the beach, he is ready to play and laugh with his brothers but he wants to be with the adults or lost in a book as well.

He saves his money to buy, get this, TOOLS or another pig hunt. Honest.

ready for Memorial Day on his Wheel Horse tractor he restored with my Dad

I find myself asking him for help more than him asking me for help. He helps get his brothers in order to head out, he helps fix the cupboard that is falling off the wall, he helps take the door down, helps take a hitch out…the boy has taken over the old milk shed on our property, it’s tiny, and he has it just right, every tool and fishing pole in the right spot (if only he cleaned his room like that!).

with his Russian Boar mount, July this year

He is sensitive, he is strong, and he has such a strong black and white view of things that he causes others to rethink their positions on subjects. He eats more than his Daddy and then he eats more.

I love him. I can’t believe he is eleven. I can’t believe I blinked. Because it is becoming all to clear to me that I have such a small amount of time with all my boys.

Happy birthday, Andrew!


Praise and Coffee said...

Happy Birthday Andrew! You are an amazing young man!

Karen said...

Happy Birthday to your son! Reading your post is such a reminder to me of how quickly time goes by. You are doing a wonderful job of preparing your boys for manhood.

Jill V. said...

Thanks for the oldest will be 11 in does go fast, too fast. Happy late birthday to your young man!