Friday, November 9, 2012

Celsius Versus Fahrenheit

It's funny how a little thing you didn't notice before can be gone and WHAM, you miss it like crazy.

Thus is the experience of the temperature thingy in my rear view mirror in my suburban.

All of the sudden, I glanced up at my thermometer and it was blank.  Blank.  How can I drive safely if I don't know the temperature? I pushed the little button on my rear view mirror and it went to Celsuius.  I pushed it again and went blank.

I called my husband and asked him to fix it.

He drove it that night and fiddled with it and it my Fahrenheit reading is just gone.

"You should just learn to figure out the Celsius temperature," he told me.  "It's simple.  You just take the temp, multiply it by nine, divide it by five and then add 32.  Simple."


He expects me to do this on limited amount of coffee first thing in the morning?

I can't figure out a math problem every time I need to know the makes my head hurt.

I suppose I could look at this from the view that he believes his I could actually spout this information out all the time at any moment.  But reality hits you hard, bro.

The other sad thing about my thermometer being stuck in Celsius mode is that if my thermometer reads Minus Four (as it did this week), I actually feel like it is really minus four out.

And what is minus four times nine?

I. Don't. Know. (see me banging my head on the table???)

I sum up this rambling post with this thought...

I think this winter is going to be a very cold one for me.  I am going to look at that thermometer and it's going to read minus 40 this winter, I am sure of it.  And I will believe it is minus forty and want to cry about it but I'll be afraid to let the tears fall for fear they will freeze to my face and my eyeballs will turn to ice cubes.  I'm going to be very very very very very cold this winter.

On the plus side, I will feel like I can take on adversity if I can withstand minus forty degree temps.


Unknown said...

This is so funny. I just tell my self 0 is the same as 32 ans wing it from there. So, -4 is cold. If you see-40, I don't want to hear about it because I don't want to think about it. BTW- you have 4 boys; you CAN handle anything!

Anonymous said...

I convert by doubling the celsius, taking 10% off, and adding 32. Seems easier than your way. And I just round the 10%. So if the doubling makes it 36 degrees, I take 3 degrees off. Gets you in the ballpark, and that's close enough for me!

Anonymous said...

Oh, by the way, you don't have to post that comment, I just thought you might like to have a different way to do the conversion.