Sunday, February 7, 2010

Rough Sunday ends in Much Laughter

I had a rough day, this Sunday. Sunday's are just not my favorite day of the week. It should be, I know, I wish it were, but it is too rushed and stressed and never goes smoothly. And when it is over, you only have Monday to look forward to.

Take today for instance.......

I went to start dinner first thing, a roast, potatoes...regular Sunday dinner. But Hubby was watching “America Eats” this morning. We all wanted KFC instead. And when I went to wash the potatoes, I realized the sink drain was frozen, again.

I put two french braids in my hair last night so my hair would be all cute and kinky the next morning. But one of the braids came out in the night.

So when I took a shower, the water was luke warm. Which would have been bearable but I had to wash my hair now. And by then I was cold.

Dressed in my cute suit, all fashionable feeling and that, Hubby called me over to see how he was thawing the pipe for the drain. He opened the window up as I leaned over the filled with old coffee, drain water, milk from cereal....and the little cobalt blue vase hit fell off the window and splashed into the sink, soaking my now not smart looking blouse in very icky disgusting water.
The boys had no socks. Or clothes. And they were supposed to get them night before.

I never got a chance to finish my one cup of coffee I had poured for myself.

Church was so cold that my nose about froze off.

S4 decided he didn't want to go to Sunday school and sat with us. When Sunday School had ended, he burst into tears that he hadn't gone to Sunday school and was inconsolable.

When we got home, I went right to work finishing dinner while the boys thought McDonald's Mc Ribs or slow roasted BBQ was sounding better.

S4 kept running in to tell me it was like him and Daddy and the guys were at the movies it was like I was at work and when would my work be done so he could eat?

Dinner finally was done. It was good, they did eat well. Roast, mashed potatoes, beans we canned ourselves, cheesy vegetables, gravy, home made rolls. When dinner was done, Hubby told me “chop chop, this table will have to get cleared. I had a lot of dishes to do.”

I gave up. I went to bed. It was wimpy and pouty but I didn't say anything mean, I just said I was going to bed.

Laying in bed I read on my blackberry a message from my friend MP over at Cohagen's Chronicles (if I knew how to highlight the name so you just click it and go there I would do that for you but I don't....I'm sorry. Here is the address.....
She and I had been talking about our boring winter lives and how our blogs were lacking so she had the brilliant idea to make up a story that we would each write a part off and post on our blogs every day for a week.

She had written a doozy of a beginning.

And it was up to me to write the next installment (which will post tomorrow). It made me giggle right out loud reading it and my head was spinning with ideas.

So I headed out of the bedroom where to find the table cleared, the kitchen busy with Hubby and S1 loading the dishwasher and washing dishes and taking care of all the food.

They are the sweetest ever.

I curled up in the golden yellow chair in the kitchen and read the first chapter, and Hubby and I had all kinds of fun coming up with great ideas to take the story. Then I settled down at the computer to write. It was so much fun! I was giggling and sipping coffee and giggling some more.

The sun came out shone brightly.

The boys played out side, laughing instead of fighting.

The kitchen was clean.

I still have my beautiful bouquet from S2.

Maybe Sunday's aren't so bad after all.

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ValAnn said...

Sometimes it's the most dreary of days that bring out bits of gold for our lives! I'm glad your day turned around. I read both installment one and two and found them very good!