Wednesday, June 30, 2010

We Went Camping...And I Packed Black Heels

Why yes, I do have black heels packed in the camper......

Just because my mom has all the faith in the world in me to pull of insane situations, we went camping on a Praise and Coffee night. I do not miss Praise and Coffee if at all possible because, well, it's Praise and Coffee.

So while my sister and Baby Back up, GM and Jr and Egirl (GM's cousin who is family) my mom and her dog Maggie watched my four boys and a dog (just one, Sadie got sent home. She has a Bolt like super bark, and other campers don't appreciate such things I found out), I climbed into my camper wearing grubby shorts and a sweaty shirt and emerged wearing my best jeans, a black silk tank, a blackish grayish whitish scarf that I KNOW is stylish because it's the Miley Cyrus brand at Walmart, and black heels.

Do you know how many looks you get when you walk in black heels over the paved drive to the poison ivy lined wooded trail from one campsite to another?

A lot.

Heels are fun to wear in the woods, I found. You just feel like you are playing dress up. So I had a picture taken, I mean, it was too funny. That dressed up CAMPING???? The girls begged me not to show it to the I won't. Because I love them that much. But, I am framing it. Believe me!

So I wore the heels and fancy scarf so I could arrive late to dinner with Sue, Lorilee and Alison so I could giggle and learn and laugh and have fun before I was late arriving with Lorilee (the guest speaker) and Alison to Praise and Coffee so I could stick around to hear an amazing story so I could chat with a bunch of women so I could help Sue pack up so I could head back to the campground, past hours, to find my way in an unlit darkness.

Unlit, full moon, fog, in the woods. It looks cool on Twilight. It's not so fun when you are all alone in black heels in the middle of the night (11:30).

I was sure I would be locked out. There was a big sign that read “GATES CLOSE AT TEN”. Driving in, I seen one car drive out..I was sure that would be the gate keeper. I had packed two flashlights in the suburban, and wondered that, if necessary, would my heels work as a weapon to defend myself from raccoons and coyotes? They weren't spiky heels, and I'd hate to loose them, being as cute as they are, but, if it was necessary.....

All that for naught. I arrived to open gates (the beach closed, not the campground, at ten) and my two oldest boys awaiting my return, keeping the campfire going for me.

Although, trudging thru the woods in the dark in my heels being followed by raccoons would have been a WAY better post.........though I am glad I didn't live that.

Much much much more on that Praise and Coffee next week. It was THAT good.

(Here is Praise and Coffee's Newsletter. Enjoy!)

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The Farmer's Wife said...

I think you should take heels EVERYTIME you go camping! For those little oh-my-goodness-I-think-that's-the-Tom-Cruise-family-in-the-spot-next-to-us moments....just in case....

(He was the only famous person that popped to mind...)

You have GOOD sons, waiting up for their mother, making sure she makes curfew and all....