Thursday, May 10, 2012

He Loves Me

Me, Cindy and Sue

It was last year when I first met Cindy Bultema.

You know how you just meet someone for the first time and totally connect with them?

That was me with Cindy.

I had a brief idea what her story was from her blog.  I hadn't heard about her before Sue told me she was headed to our Praise and Coffee Night.

I was blown away by her testimony.  I believe I recall the accident she speaks of with David because I happened to be head over heels in love with the guy I just had married.  I couldn't imagine being without him suddenly like that.  I still can't.

If she were closer to drive to, I would be sitting in her Bible Study.  And if I could get together with her for lunch regularly, I totally would.  She is genuine and kind, her laugh and smile are right from her heart.  Her blog is truly titled perfectly...She Sparkles.

Morg went with me to that Praise and Coffee.  She was touched how brutally honest Cindy was in her testimony.  I am beginning to think that is just Cindy.

That night was so powerful for me.  I actually have had this picture and blog post title in my "drafts" since that day.  I never could figure out how to put in words how powerfully that night affected me.  I still cannot.

Anyhow, fast forward like a whole year or so and we were invited to see her movie premiere.  Day of Discovery had done a special on her. They had rented out a movie screen at Cinema theaters and, free of charge, we could see her in He Loves Me.

Sue and I were *this* close to not making it.  But we did.  And we are so thankful we did.

Cindy is offering a Give Away on her New Website.  As in, 42 copies of her He Loves Me video to help celebrate her 42nd birthday that was on May 9th.  I strongly suggest you hop over there and register to win a copy.  If I win a copy, I am going to give it away here.

Her special airs on ION on Mother's Day Sunday (May 13) at 7:30 am.  What station is ION? (I didn't know, so I had to look it up....) 
AT&T Uverse 195;
 Comcast 7; 
Charter 14; 
DirecTV 305/304; 
Dish 216/217.

Now, I am sure you will all be lazily laying in bed on Mother's day amid a pile of pillows while your family waits on you hand and foot on Sunday as I will be (snort!), so perhaps you can DVR it.  It's only a half an hour long, but it is one powerful half hour.

And be sure to register for her GIVEAWAY

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