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Monday, March 21, 2011

A Date with my the Grocery Store

(We didn't take this on our way to the store.
I just figured we should have SOME recent photo of us.)

Sunday dawned the first day of spring.

And found us exhausted.

I don't know what bone weary is...but we had be close.

We made it to church (late) and stopped at our little local grocery store for food for dinner (brats and hot dogs on the grill with to bake frozen french fries) because I had not planned dinner out for the day.

When dinner was done, I had to make another dinner.

For a whole bunch of men at church.

My husband is a trustee at the church and once a month they have a meeting and one of the wives makes a dinner for them all. This was my week to make dinner and it was my very first time making the dinner. So, of course, no pressure.

Because of our busy week and because we had been gone Saturday night, it left me this afternoon to completely make a dinner to rival all the great woman who had made the meals before me.

Jake decided he had better go with me. He told me it was to make sure that I did it right. I then informed him I had more friends on facebook than him AND I have a blog.

So then he was nice to me.


We decided to leave all the boys home and even in my sleepy state I did have to admit my heart fluttered a bit to think he and I would technically be on a know, that bit of time where a husband and wife are out allllllllllllllll alone minus any kiddos?

Never mind it was to just buy food.

The boys called my cell phone to make sure they could and put in the Dukes of Hazzard (they are on season 2, and they hoped we would be gone long enough for them to see a whole dvd full of episodes) so we could drive the two minutes down the road to the store.

We were making Chicken Spaghetti - it's a favorite of our family and I figured I would make two at once so I didn't have to make dinner Tuesday when I go into work at the Library -, a salad, apple pie and a box cake (in case the pie didn't turn out).

And it was fun to shop a few minutes with him. He'd see me down an isle and whistle at me. I'd see him across the store and holler out some question to him.

It was fun.

It's those times that makes me heart go pitter patter with love for him all over again. Like the Kellie Pickler song I love so much....

Until we went to check out.

Keep in mind.....EVERYONE at this grocery store knows me. Knows our boys. Knows our suburban. Knows where we live. I'm not even kidding....

It was here that my hubby decided to question why I would buy EIGHT cans of cream of mushroom soup.

First, I needed four to make the meal.

Second, it was on super sale.

Third, every woman knows you MUST have cream of mushroom soup on hand in your house.

The cashier chuckled.

She tried not too...but not too hard not too.

I don't think we have ever shopped there together....and that thought struck me as we were unloading the groceries. It didn't take me long to realize we may never shop together again.

As I dug out the checkbook my silly husband says "Now, don't write them a bad check."

I was mortified.

I've never written a bad check and suddenly I was sure he had jinxed me. I will now for sure write a bad check. Unintentionally, of course. I am scared to death of this happening to, it's on my list of top fears. Seriously.

He laughed at his joke. The cashier laughed at the joke. I did not. I might have given him a stink eye. But he's so darn handsome I couldn't be too mortified long.

Jake and the cashier continued to chat about what happens if a person, in fact, does write a bad check and horror stories of such things and I gathered our $98 worth of groceries and headed out to the suburban.....where my husband winked and whistled at me again.

As my mom says, "To know him is to love him."

(PS Jake...keep in mind...that photo with your beard full of clothes pins that you begged me not to every show the blogosphere? Yah, I was sooooo tempted to use THAT picture of you for this post, but because I love you so and fear the tickle attack that would ensue, I did not. That is love....)


Chelsea said...

You guys are too too too cute!

Boy Crazy said...

Haha! Great post. Funny how the grocery store qualifies as a date! Whenever my hubby & I have a date (twice a year?).......that's always inevitably where we end up. The grocery store. Cuz it's nice to go there without the kids.:) We are party animals, eh? LOL!

Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

It never fails - when Steve and I have a sitter for the night - we go to Costco. Jake sounds hilarious :)

fritzfacts said...

Last time Hubby and I went somewhere alone, it was to Old Navy. Very romantic. lol

You guys make me smile, I love it.