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Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Dear Blogging friends.

I need help.

A particular conversation has been happening in our home much more regularly and I am running out of answers me...I beg of you. (I've asked my husband, he only laughs at me.)

We have one bathroom.

I do not foresee us getting another one. At this point, I have to admit, I'd give up our small space for an extra one.


Every morning I get up before the boys, shower and proceed to get ready for the day. And every morning S4 (who's five, remember) comes into the bathroom, pees and says to me....

"Moma, why don't girls pee like boys?"


I've answered that we are different, that girls like to sit....etc etc etc. I always change the subject quickly.

But he is determined. He is quite sure since EVERYONE else in the house pees STANDING UP, Moma should too.

He is just trying to be helpful.

I know he will solve all the worlds problems one day.

But this one? He can't solve this one. And he is convinced I am just wrong and all will be wonderful when I come around to his way of thinking.

It's not that I pee in front of him. It's not like that at all. It's every time he pees at home, he thinks of his dear sweet Moma who doesn't know how to pee right and he must help her.

Help me. Please help me.

the only girl in a house of boys


Kalr3 said...

Can't you just tell him that girls have different "pee parts" than boys so it doesn't work to stand up? I know some parents want to hold off on that conversation as long as they can...but if he's THAT inquisitive, you might need to just be honest even though he's young. My youngest daughter is 4 and she understands that boys have different "pee parts" than girls do because she's seen baby boy diapers being changed. If you're frank with them and then also add the "we only talk about 'pee parts' with mom and dad" and "we don't show anyone but mom and dad and doctor our 'pee parts'" he'd probably accept that and move on. If he wants to know what "mom pee parts" look like, the just tell him that it's private because he's not YOUR mom, dad, or doctor. :) Good luck! It's hard when those questions are SO persistent!

Leah and Dean said...

Keeping it so that a 5 YO understands simply tell him you don't have a "point and shooter" .... sign me: mother of a grown boy!

Mary said...

I had to tell both my girls at VERY young ages (4 and 3) the difference between boy and girl parts.

Just answer the question - nothing more; nothing less. Honestly, it will be enough.

Boys and girls have different parts - a boys' part is called a "insert your word here" and a girls part is called a "insert your word here." So girls have to pee sitting down.

It's the way God made us.


Good luck! hehe

Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

You don't have a penis. Plain and simple. And if he asks what you do have, you could:

A. Tell him that you'll tell him when he's a little older.

B. Call Jack. He'll tell Abe all about how girls have "paginas."

C. I agree with Kalr3 - And if he needs a tutorial, show him how a baby doll pees.

Easy as that :)

Boy Crazy said...

Haha!!! So funny. Well, my husband got tired of the mess my boys make when they pee, so he makes them ALL SIT down to pee!!!! So you can tell your child that even SOME boys pee sitting down. :)

Chelsea said...

Oh that is so funny!

I think earlier commenters are right - tell him the truth and be clear. And then blog about it. HA!

Sara (from Saving for Someday) said...

Hi Denise!

I am always of the belief that kids should be told the truth in a meaningful way and not talked down to. The human body is nothing to be ashamed of and knowing body parts is critically important.

As to why girls don't pee like boys, that's an interesting question from such a young boy.

My sister explained to her boys - they are the 2 youngest of 4 kids - in various ways. She went the 'G-D made us different because our bodies do different things' route; the basic physiology route; the let's be funny route. And they all worked to some degree.

But what worked best was asking her boys what THEY though was the reason why boys and girls had different looking bodies. The answers were hilarious but it stopped the questions. Because she confirmed that they were right, at least to some degree.

You should try asking him why he thinks they're different since your answers don't seem to be working for him. You can tell him why you think a GIRLs body is different but he's a boy and maybe only boys know why BOYs bodies are different.

Just be prepared to crack up!