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Monday, March 28, 2011

Phone Calls

My poor husband, he never knows what he is going to get when he calls me. I usually answer with "Hey, husband!" or sometimes I'll be silly or sometimes I'll all gushy.

If I'm busy and just answer "Hello?" he feels badly and wonders what's up or wrong.

Then he always says to me...."How is your day going?"

That's a loaded question. It can bring a myraid of answers. You read my blog, you know this to be true!

Here is a sampling of a call from the other day.....

"Hey, Hubby!"

"Hey, wife! How's your day going?"

"Well....................I think I hit a bird."

"You hit a WHAT?" (He is now calculating the cost of the repair of anything I may have damaged.)

"A bird."

"Oh....a bird. Well, that's not bad." (Phew. No money lost here.)

Now my words all run together in a gushed outpouring, "I was driving home from school and there was a flock of birds in the field and they were all just sitting there being twitterpated and all the sudden this one flew up and flew all around and then BANG! I heard something hit my suburban. And then a cop drove by and I was sure I had a black bird splattered on the front grill of the suburban and I was sure he was going to pull me over for animal cruelty. (I paused to take a breath) But he didn't."

My husband was chuckling now. "Well, that bird won't be twitterpated anymore." He is sooooooooo compassionate. And practical.

"But I really felt badly."

"Was it a red wing blackbird?" He knows these are one of my favorite birds.

" was just a black bird. I know how I'll feel better! I'll say it was a grackle!!! One less grackle in the world, hahahahaha!" (That was an evil laugh, by the way. I despise grackle's. They bully my birds and knock eggs out of mess and eat up all my bird seed.)

He chuckled. "Only you."

I think he married me just for the fun phone calls he gets to have every day. :)


Anonymous said...

I have conversations like that...they always crack Hubby up. My justification is awesome!

Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

You ARE cute :)

I call Steve at work all the time and ask "What are you doing?" He gets a little flustered and always says, "Work, Bec. I'm at work."

Oops :)

Michelle said...

Too cute! You crack me up. I'm good with hotting pigeons too. Little rats with wings.