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Thursday, March 31, 2011

I Just Want to Clear My Name

It was not my fault we were late for school this morning.

No matter what the boys say, no matter what it may appear to have looked like, I was truly fully ready for school this morning. I even had my french press made and ready to go BEFORE the boys had their shoes on.

It's also worth mentioning I did not holler at them once. Not. Once.

But, yes, we were five minutes late to school.

S2 requests that Daddy take them to school. Apparently, Moma takes too long. She wakes up, she has to take a shower EVERY morning and she spends so long doing things that they are always late to school.

I heard S2 explain this all to his Daddy and I may have rolled my eyes. The battle of boys versus girls and getting ready to go somewhere starts VERY early. They cannot understand my need for a shower every single morning, putting clean clothes on, brushing my teeth, putting in my contacts and usually adding some mascara to exhausted looking eyes.

When I go to school in the morning, I am clean but look rough. Does that make sense?

Anyhow, this morning I was super tired. This is why.....

After a super busy week (this seems to be a theme for us lately), I went to Sue's yesterday morning to look over our magazine that goes out TOMORROW. I arrived home to tackle dishes and laundry and seriously, the laundry pile to fold is so high that I can't physically toss another pile on top of it - so I just started a new one. It's half the size of the other.

Yes, Hubby, I will fold laundry as soon as this post is done.

It was then that the cable guys called to hook us all up. And would be there in ten minutes - and like four hours early.

I figured, really, what could I do about it? So I just kept plugging away at dishes and dinner. Except they needed me to move some furniture. Like the chairs and dressers.....

In my defense, spring cleaning starts TOMORROW. It's been the plan since the boys started having spring break years ago.

But holy cow!!!!! The mess we found!!! Jake and I have watched movies and noticed the living room had a "smell". I figured the smell was "cooped up all winter long" but apparently it was garbage (yes! really!) that Sadie had found and decided to hide in the living room. Like, old lunch meat packages.

And a myriad of toys and dried up play dough and the like.

It. Was. Gross.

And I might have apologized profusely. And Josh, the technician, might have taken pity on me and did say said he would make sure we didn't have to move the fridge.

Can you imagine what might behind THERE?

Anyhow, I'm sore and tired and we had Word of Life club last night. I slept in till 7:05 this morning, but I was ready - completely ready - to go by 7:35 - FIVE MINUTES EARLY.

S1 was telling big stories today, doing silly voices and playing with the dog. S2 was giving us a minute by minute break down of the time we were wasting this morning, but he never once helped any of us get ready - the boy had gotten up at 4:30. He really does need a cow to milk every morning. S3 was lost all morning but miraculously was dressed before I got out of the shower. S4 could find no clothes he liked, so he settled on too small Lightening McQueen jammies.

It was as I was saying that we were now officially late that S3 pulls out of his back pack his homework he never mentioned he had and of course I never had seen it because I was too busy cleaning dog treasures and putting furniture back where it belonged before we rushed out of the house for Word of Life.

But we finished it. Back packs were loaded. S2 and S4 decided to wander the yard to just make sure it was the same mess it had been when they came in last night instead of getting in the suburban. Josie, our other dog, refused to go in the house so I left her out. I was still the first person in the vehicle.

I just said, as we pulled into school and I told them we were late, "Tomorrow starts Spring Break. And I think we really are ready for a week off of school."


Anonymous said...

I love it when the kids blame us! Of course it's YOUR fault!

Kim said...

I will say that one cup of coffee wouldn't have done it for me if I were you!!! What a morning...and I'm sure having 4 boys, this is typical! I have 2 boys that are grown and gone so I just get to enjoy stories like yours! Here's wishing you have plenty of coffee in the house :)

Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

I'm not laughing. I'm not laughing. I'm not laughing.