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Friday, April 1, 2011

The Magazine Is Here!!!!!

to see
our new

(If you want to read my funny story, it's on page 62. Yes, 62. We don't mess around with small magazine's, we have too many stories to share with you!)

Sue and I are sooooooooooooooooo excited to share this magazine with you!!! We have so many stories of women going through storms and coming through them, this issue is sure to leave you encouraged. But grab some kleenex's because it will also make you cry.

Amy Bender is the first feature story. We have known Bender's a few years. I remember when she was here in my driveway telling me to watch the boys with mosquitoes because that's what the doctor's thought that was causing Charlie's illness. When I was camping, it was late on a Sunday night when my husband called me to tell me the news....Charlie had cancer. I sobbed that night.

Her story is amazing.

Kim we met at Breathe Writer's Conference. Her story gripped my heart and absolutely would not let go. She is the speaker for our Praise and Coffee in June. I can't wait to hear her speak! And when her book comes out, oh my!

I have never met Susy. But Sue knows her and loooooved being able to highlight her story of Cancer.

And there's lots more. Some from Mel and a totally heart wrenching story from Sue about my adorable little Lauren. I say she is "my" Lauren because, well, the girl is my adopt a daughter sometimes. :)

It's a good good issue. Sue put tons of time in the graphics and so forth. She is the brains behind this is so many ways and if you see her, thank her. I get to flit and see and ooh and ahh and love it and suggest more coffee. But without Sue, it would still be an idea.

Please please please, pass this magazine along. Tell your friends. You should actually GET your friends, HAVE a praise and coffee night, WHILE you are cooking a meal for PRAISE AND COFFEE COOKS and then read this MAGAZINE together.....brilliant plan there. A great night would be had for sure!

And, if the kleenex has run out and you realize you are hungry, look at Praise and Coffee Cooks. It's a new chapter in Praise and Coffee and I am THRILLED about it all. Really. I'm heading it up right now and can not wait for all the stories to come in!

But like I said, if you need a good laugh, just flip to page 62. Seriously.

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Anonymous said...

Looks GREAT!! So happy for you guys! :)
Rebecca G