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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Pick My Purse

I am in desperate need of a new purse. I have a plain brown one, I have a plain black one, I have an orange one I got from Title Nine that I looooooove to use all fall and winter. Love it. But in the summer I need something bright.

I always pick the color brown. It is MY color. But I have been looking for a purse that screams me and I can have fun with all summer long.

And that can hold my camera and wallet and flip cam and water bottle and trail mix and sunglasses and S4's matchbox cars and a notebook and ink get the idea.

I was scrolling through a site that Cohagen Chronicles had found her amazing purse at. She had set up two purses that she couldn't decide on and her readers picked their favorite.

So I have decided to do the same.

This first purse is what S3 and S4 picked out for me. Seriously. Turquoise is my most favoritest color OTHER than brown. And at first I laughed at it but the more I looked at it, I really really really liked it.

A lot.

Here is purse Number One.
My question is, will I regret this purse later? I looooove the color. I do. But is it too daring and fun?

The second purse is a turquoiseish color but a safer color, you know what I mean? It's actually called "teal". It doesn't scream at you. It's my mom's favorite. But like I said, it's not nearly as thrilling.
And here is the safe purse. Actually, if this purse were in turquoise, I'd get this one and not think twice about it. This is my safe boring comfy leather chair brown. I love the toggle, how cute!

So leave me a comment and tell me what purse you like the most. I will then run a post just like the Farmer's Wife did and show it off when it arrives.

Pleeeeeeaaaaasssseeee help a girl out!!!!!!


Chelsea said...

The first one!!!!!

Karen said...

Ok - If it were me I'd probably go with #2 or #3 because I am not a risk taker. (Although I wish I was!) But, #1 is the kind of purse I would totally NOTICE if someone else were carrying it and I would LOVE it and I would WISH that I had it.

Does that help? Bummer that #3 doesn't come in turqoise.

Praise and Coffee said...

I think the 2nd one is adorable and very 'you' :)

Kissed by the Creator said...

I am with Karen. I'd pick #2. I am more earthy so it suits me better, not knowing your wardrobe, its hard to say. But I agree it is safer than #1. #1 would def get noticed! BTW, love title 9 stuff!

Good luck~

Anonymous said...

I would do 2, but I am a wus when it comes to color. I love #1, but it scares me...

Oh get #1 and make us all proud and envious!

Mary said...

I'd pick #1 - use this as your one area to be 'daring' in. It's a fabulous color - perfect for spring and summer!!!

Go for it!

Karen said...

Pick #1 - if you lose it in the house - you'll be able to find it! LOL! Plus - I think it's YOU:)

Anonymous said...

You know I love #1!
You will not regret it.'s the funny thing....everytime I've let my blog followers choose my purse, I've loved it. Everytime I've tried to do it on my own, I've failed miserably. Why they know better than me, I don't know, but there's something to it....

(This is the Farmer's Wife, on the wrong account so I just did Anonymous!)

Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

#1! The second looks like an 80s denim purse (you asked), and the third is the same color as one you already have.

I think I should add, though, that I am *not* a purse gal.

And I agree with Karen. If #3 came in turquoise, I would have chosen that one.

Boy Crazy said...

#1 ALL THE WAY!!! It's so cute & it'll make ya feel pretty. :)