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Saturday, April 16, 2011

S2's Cowboy Boots

This is S2.

S2 has a style allllllllllllll his own. And while it does not involve looking like this everyday, it does involve wearing his own put together creations.

Usually, he has on some sports shirt, a jersey of the Red Wings or Michigan Football (although Tara can't read that...he likes it because it says Michigan, not that he is the biggest fan. Yes, yes, I promise you, Tara, I am working on him liking State. I know, I know, I don't follow sports enough....). And, usually he wears a red bandana on his head.

We don't know why. He says it looks cool.

But recently, he discovered he can wear a pair of cowboy boots that we hidden away upstairs in a closet just waiting for someone to wear them. He can't wear them to school because he plays football at recess and they wouldn't help him grip the grass so he gets home from school and immediately puts them on.

Because he likes the sound of them, he just wanders the dining room with no real particular reason to being there.

The dining room is the main room of the whole house. My computer is in this room, along with our table where all the visitor's sit when the come over and where we do homework and look at magazines and talk about life...and eat.

But when S2 puts these boots on, he has to walk on just the heel so it makes the loudest click across and bang across the floor.

I recall when I got my first pair of boots. I was a shuffle girl. I recall my Dad sitting at the table in the kitchen complaining that since I had gotten those boots I had forgotten how to walk because all I did was shuffle.

I liked the sound of shuffled boots.

Just like my son likes the sound of click bang boots.

And just like my Dad, I am groaning at the sound of them.

Especially when he is just walking around our tiny dining room doing nothing at all but listening to his boots and trying to look busy so I don't holler at him to knock it off or go outside.

I am sorry, Father dear, for all those days shuffling in boots in the kitchen.
I sure hope you forgave me.
Just like I'll forgive S2 one day.

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Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

You should stick felt on the bottom of them one day... just for fun :)