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Sunday, April 24, 2011


Easter is my most favoritest holiday's. Yes, yes, I love Christmas but Easter...well, I love it on so many levels.

I love it because of what it represents, my Savior who died for me, risen to conquer sin and death.

How can I not love that?

I love it because it's spring. And you all should know by now that I love spring.

But when we headed out to church and the doors opened to let all the dressed up people out, I did not expect this sight to greet us.
Why, yes, that IS a snake in S2's hands.

What you don't see, is that they are RIGHT next to the door. You see a bit of my coat on the left, I am literally going to get hit by the door if it opens.

And half the boys in the this photo disappeared when the camera came out. As if they knew they were so busted by their parents if they were caught on my camera.

I love S4's expression.

(And I apologize to all the girls that they shoved this snake near so that they would squeal and scream and not leave church.)

When we came home we had our neighbor come over and snap photos of us while we were actually dressed nicely. Never mind that we had to haul two off bikes and two out of the sandbox to get this photo taken.

I like a family photo every Easter. Hubs has gotten used to it...sorta. :)

My friend, Tara Miller, posted this video last night on facebook and I loved it so I had to post it for you all. I think I probably listened to it five times this morning as we skipped Easter sunrise service at church to have a huge breakfast at home (three pounds of bacon, four pounds of hash browns, one and a half dozen scrambled eggs, a tower of buttered toast) and just enjoy the morning together.

I love to see Carrie sing. Every emotion is played on her face. She feels a song and I just can't watch her sing live enough.

And I love this hymn.

I had been singing it all week thinking about Easter. When I was a little girl, there was another family that was like a second family to us - the Nichols. We did EVERYTHING together and swapped kids on weekends. Nanc, my other mother as I call her, made on large poster board, the words to this song. She had cut out large pictures of lightening and waves and mountains. I loved when she would teach all the kids at Awana this song. For a long time it sat on her piano in the living room and I cannot hear this song without thinking of her and the cardboard words and pictures she made so we could memorize that song.

Never estimate how the smallest thing can make the biggest impression on a child.

I love her for the time she spent to make that song meaningful to me and lots of other little kids too.

But here it is, the song as it should be song, but Carrie and Vince.

Happy Easter!!!!

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Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

Happy, happy Easter friend!!