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Monday, April 11, 2011

It's Spring Break - Swamp (Mud) Season Begins

On Sunday, following a week of cold and rainy weather, the temperature soared to 85 degrees.

Yes, 85 on an April day in Michigan.

I wore a summer dress and tall heels to church. I was so happy to be in heels and skirts that I didn't even mind how very pale white I am...I hope no one else did either. Last week, I wore a hooded sweater and a scarf and wool socks and two layers to church. Seriously.

When we got home, the boys begged to go play in the swamp. Daddy informed them how cold it would be since it's been 45 degrees or so all week.

They didn't care.

Off they ran as soon as they scarfed down amazing cheeseburgers Hubby grilled for us. I was busy sweeping off a winter's worth of dirt and salt off the front porch and could hear the boys whooping and hollering and laughing in the woods so I grabbed my camera and decided to sneak up on them.

I was very cautiously walking too because you just don't want to see a snake already this season.

And when I arrived at the boys "Swamp"...oh my.
You see, sometimes I wonder if you all think I make up these stories of the boys and the swamp and the mud and the fun they have.

Pictures don't lie.
The boys were THRILLED when after a graduation party they were given the beverage pools. They have been saving them for THIS...the ultimate swamp boat.
I was thrilled I caught S4's pose on camera.
This is their favorite way to spend the day....this was the best day of their spring break, I think.
This is not a swamp monster.

This is S2.

Really, it is. We had to hose him down. Then he took a shower (because I want you to think good thoughts of me, I did not take a picture of the tub afterwards. May I remind you...our only tub/shower.)

This is why I think Tide should pick me to test their detergent. I promise to make sure it works hard.... :)

And......just in case these photos aren't enough for it the video I took before I ever took a picture with the camera. It's better than anything I could ever try to write for you.


And feel free to come over and help me clean up from this day.


Karen said...

Denise, I'm speechless. You are one brave momma! I thought MY boys came inside muddy. They've got nothing on your mud monsters. Wow! Ok - one other quick question...I've been watching too many episodes of 'River Monsters' and 'Swamp People'...there aren't any alligators in that swamp are there?

Denise said...

No, but I used to tell them that. Troy and Jacob are my FAVORITE swamp people and the boys are throughly intrigued with the show so once it came on, telling them their were alligators just make them WANT to go there more. :)

Anonymous said...

I love it! Boo would be in hog heaven! Hunter, not as much (funny isn't it).

You are a saint...plain and simple...

Sara A Broers said...

Love these pics! Mud, Mud, Mud...You gotta love Spring in the outdoors!