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Monday, April 18, 2011

And the Winning Purse Is.......

It was pretty overwhelming which purse you all wanted me to get.
It arrived at my door on Saturday and I squealed with joy!!!!! It is softer than I thought it could be. It is much prettier than I imagined it would be. But then the day sorta got insanely busy and Sunday I never even grabbed it.

In fact, shockingly, my husband hasn't even seen it yet.

How sad is that? (Maybe we need a date night....)

But today...Monday, April 18th...we awoke to snow.

MUCH snow. (as you can see by this picture my mom took for me)

It was sad and depressing.

BUT, as I jumped into the suburban with my new purse I swear the suburban seemed a brighter, happier place. All the boys oohed and aahed. They all, every one of the four of them, said it was very nice.

That, my friends, is the mark of a good purse.

Today, my mom and I braved the nasty roads and drove into the big city of Kalamazoo (yes there really is a Kalamazoo) where we did something we haven't done in years (yes, years)...we shopped for clothes.

Minus kids.

My wonderful brother watched S4 all day on his day off. Now, how sweet was that? And S4 and Jr and my brother seemed to have a great day.

All day I shopped with my mom and we had a glorious time and all day I loved the purse more and more and more. On the way home, I spotted a very fashionable much younger girl with a turquoise purse and ....

... mine was cuter.

So thank you, thank you dear blogging friends. I would not have been so brave to get something so daring. But you did speak (in droves) and picked it out for me and I love love love love it. THANK YOU!!!!!!

And if you need one now too, after all I have raved over this one,
you can find my exact purse at


Anonymous said...

Stinkin' cute...and so is the purse!

Anonymous said...

I love it! It is perfect!!

Boy Crazy said...

Super cute!