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Monday, April 25, 2011

S4 Traumatically Lost His First TEETH

It was just a typical night at home. We were eating dinner and the boys were thrilled because it involved (food, yes) S1's pig roast and cooked carrots. Cooked carrots are a favorite. Especially to S4.

We were eating away when I noticed S4 pause as the carrot had just entered his mouth. I saw the confusion on his puzzled face. And then I saw the panic begin to take over him.

And I knew the day had arrived.

About two and a half weeks ago, we visited the dentist. S4 HATED the dentist. The dentist had mentioned how wiggly his bottom teeth were and I made the decision that since S4 hadn't noticed I wouldn't say a word so he wouldn't think the dentist made his teeth fall out. That would make every trip trauma ridden and I don't like visiting a dentist anyhow so I wouldn't have been much help.

But the day had arrived when S4 did indeed realize his tooth was loose.

And, being the ever loving mother I am, I grabbed the video camera......

It only got worse.

S4's kind loving brothers thought up all sorts of ways to get rid of their brother's loose tooth. They mentioned the bow and arrow idea, but then he might have a scar. Daddy suggested the old string and a door method, to which S4 nearly went into hysterics. A fishing pole was brought up. S4 began to look totally terrified and clung to me.

Which just got him teased even more.

Fortunatly, I had JUST gotten a book from the library called My Wobbly Tooth Must Not Ever Never Fall Out by Lauren Child. It was a brilliant mom moment, I must say, to have gotten this book and not have read it to him yet. We snuggled down on the couch where we lost ourselves in the story.

But only momentarily.

Because as soon as the story was over there was a Daddy and three boys ready to yank the tooth out. Any way they could.

It was finally decided that Moma would do the evil deed. Apparently I was the only one he felt he could trust in the house anymore. As soon as he seen the blood on the tissue, he freaked.

And I thought he had freaked before.

His screaming made his mouth open more and the tooth fell out and he didn't even realize it.

The boys found this very hilarious.

I finally got him calmed down (somewhat), we let him sit next to the heater (his favorite spot in the house) with a box of tissues and a blanket and then I got him ice cream.

I assured him that ice cream would make it all better now.

While eating that dish of vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce.....


Knowing he was truly traumatized now, I grabbed the camera again......

Here is the video.

And the night isn't over....tune in tomorrow.


Tanya Eby said...

Hahahaha! Oh, no! I can so relate! When is his birthday? My son was born 11/23/2004 and I swear his bottom teeth are starting to wiggle. He's very scientific about it so far.

Poor little boy. The kicker is the second tooth falling out!

You're a great mom, video camera and all. Love this post. :)

Anonymous said...

"Cuz I want to keep my toof in..."

Aw, poor little man. Such trauma for him to go through. Way to haul out the camera in hopes of having something to haul out at his wedding some day, LOL

Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

I think they are my favorite videos ever.

Did anyone suggest tying a string on the dog's collar?