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Friday, April 29, 2011

Entertainment on Friday, Friday

This is how it goes at our house on a Friday night (or any night).

Hubby sings some song that goes with some random word. Tonight it was "Lemonade". Then he begins singing some Country Time commercial he thinks I should know and then realizes, after he has youtubed from his phone at the table, that it was a commercial BEFORE I was born so I, of course, don't remember.

Then we begin thinking of other songs......

And Abraham says, "What day is today?"

And I answer with "It's Friday." Then I can't help myself, I break into song. You know, THAT song.

So we you tube it on the computer because the boys say they hear kids at school talk about the song and how awful it is.

And this happens............


Anonymous said...

He's getting big Mama!! I love your life. It blesses me. xoxo

The Farmer's Wife said...

"Country Time, Country Time...tastes like that good old fashioned lemonade..." Was that the jingle?

I like the dude's moves...NICE!