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Friday, April 15, 2011

Why You Gotta Be So Mean?

I like Taylor Swift's music. I do.

And she has a new song out right now that I can't help but sing to called "Mean". And while it's all happy and cute sounding, it says some vicious things.

Sunday I heard it on our way home from church and couldn't get it out of my head. I love when lines of songs or movies can fit into my every day life.

For instance, one of my all time favorite movies is Sweet Home Alabama. And I can use all sorts of lines from that movie because I am married to a Jake.

I couldn't really see a way I could use this song in real life....

But then Jake gave me two reasons on two days in a row.

Sunday night it was warm and 70 degrees when we went to bed. During the night it got much colder and apparently I snuggled down deeper and deeper into the blankets because I had refused to shut any windows, hoping to capture all that good smelling country air in the house.

When my hubby woke at some awful early time he looked over to my side of the bed and seen two pillows and a pile of blankets me.

He panicked and began to hit the blankets to see where I had disappeared too, to see if I was even in the bed!

I mumbled in my sleepy state..."Hey, you hit me! Why you gotta be so mean?"

(In my husband's defense, he says he didn't try to hit me, he was panicked. And all he was doing was "patting" the blankets. But I stick to my story of him hitting sounds so much more dramatic...even if it was because he was in a sleepy state and panicked.)

The very next morning...after I had sent him the youtube of Taylor singing her sweet mean song...we were lying in bed. I was pretty much asleep but he was waking up and Sadie the dog came in to check on us. "Hey there, Sadie girl!" he did in his best "oh you cute little doggie you!" voice. She immediately jumped up on the bed.

Except it was my head she caught, not the bed.

I looked at him as he was apologizing profusely and shoving the dog off the bed and making sure I wasn't hurt.

"You nearly beheaded me!" I cried, "Why you gotta be so mean?"

He informed me that technically the DOG was the mean one, not him.

I told you all that to show you this video.....

And now you will be singing it for the rest of the day and while I hope no one is mean to you, feel free to use this song line in your every day life too.

Love you wonderful hubby, you!


Anonymous said...

Boo plays that CD ALL THE TIME so it is constantly stuck in my head. I use the line all the time when it comes to the kids, especially Boo. She just giggles and rolls her eyes at me.

Anonymous said...

Oh boy, you can bet I'll be using that one on someone, hehe

Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

You guys, and your music... you're sooo cute :)