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Thursday, April 7, 2011

It's Spring Break - the Post My Hubby Hates to Have Me Write

This is gonna be a long post....but you must read it because it's sooooooooo good.

To begin with, there was a post that I wrote in 2009 when I began blogging. To fully understand the story I am about to tell you, you MUST read that one first.

You'll be glad you did!

And now to today's story.....

As I posted yesterday, our boys LOVE the Dukes of Hazzard. You have to understand, they really truly think they ARE the Duke boys. S1 is Luke...I know, I found that odd too...S2 is Bo, S3 is Uncle Jesse, S4 is Cooter, I am Daisy (I love those boys) and Daddy is either Boss Hogg or Rosco, depending on the day Daddy is having.

Now you can understand this story much better.......

My husband was driving in an unfamiliar area and had two GPS's with him. They were both telling him two different things. He was totally lost, which hardly ever happens to him.

Suddenly, he noticed the bright lights and pulled over for a police officer.

The woman officer gave him a ticket for not wearing his seat belt. He explained he was lost, that he had unbuckled when he was craning his neck to do all his turning around and all that.

You must understand,
my husband is a seat belt stickler.

Nope, he got a ticket.

He was shocked. Knowing his wonderful handsome good looks, he had been sure he would walk away from a ticket with no problem. (insert roll of eyes here) He explained that to the boys too. He just could not believe a woman police officer would give him a ticket.

The boys could not believe it either and gave him all sorts of advice. Dukes style, of course.

But the best....the best and most shocking advice came from S4.

S4 who understands how to solve all problems. Just ask him.

"Did you kiss her?" he asked.

We were all stunned in silence.

"What?!" my husband stammered. "No, I didn't kiss her!"

S4 shrugged..."Well, that's what Bo does and then he doesn't get a ticket. You shoulda kissed her, Daddy."


And the reason I share this story with you is because on Saturday, at the spring fling library day when the library was filled with over 40 kids that all my boys go to school with and lots of parents helping with all the crafts the kids were doing, S4 loudly declared....

"My daddy got a ticket from a GIRL police officer." Not waiting for anyone to say anything he just went on... "Uh-huh. He wasn't wearing a seat belt. But Daddy shoulda known what to do. Just like Bo Duke........"

And that's where he left it, thank goodness.

But it didn't stop the raised eyebrows and "You ARE going to blog about this, right?"

So I did.

(Love you handsome hubby!)


Anonymous said...

I just want to put S4 in my pocket and carry him around. LOVE IT!!!

And of course he should kiss makes the world all that more better hahahaha

Karen said...

Well, I'm pretty sure you're glad your husband didn't kiss her to get out of a ticket! :) My husband (unlike yours) has his share of traffic violations. (Think young guy, fast motorcycle...he's matured a bit since) In my husband's experience, having a female officer is almost a guarantee that you'll get a ticket. He was always much more likely to get off with a warning from male cops. Go figure.

Karen said...

P.S. - My husband is a state certified motorcycle safety instructor now. His friends and family still get a hoot out of that.

Stephanie M. Page said...

Oh that is VERY funny! I don't have boys so it is fun to read about other peoples lives with boys!! =) This is my first time here, so nice to meet you!

Karen in MI said...

Oh, I would have thought he would have said "you couldn have outrun her - they always outrun Roscoe!"

Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

Oh. My. GOSH. I am dying.