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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

It's Spring Break - Invitation to Tea

And that allllllwwwwaaaaaayyyyyyysssssss means I have lots and lot and lots of stories to share with you.

The problem is that I think "AH! I can't WAIT to tell this story on my blog!!!!"....and then I forget.

It's a sign I need more sleep.

And more coffee.

And a housekeeper, a dishwasher, a cook, an organizer, a photographer, a barista....

Speaking of barista, my hubby brought me home coffee today. Was that not the sweetest? Yes, I nearly swooned. It was so sweet of him.

He can be sweet. Really, he can.

Here are a few stories for you in this random post (because I am so sure you hadn't noticed how random this is....)

I lost a book.

I have looked for a YEAR for this book. I wrote a blog post about it. I have asked people I haven't seen in years if I let them borrow it. I have looked and looked and looked for this book EVERYWHERE. I was sick to have lost it. I finally found it at a local library and actually considered telling them I lost it and paying the fee just to keep it - but I would never be able to then read it with a clear conscience which would totally ruin the book.

(I cannot believe I just admitted this!)

So, I returned the book with a note in it basically begging them to let me buy it if it's one that only I have been checking out....over and over and over and over again.

Get this.....this library doesn't know me and they are actually
considering letting me purchase it.

I loooooooooooove libraries.

So, I am telling my tale of woe to my mother and sister in law late one night this week.

My mom suddenly says, "Wait? What book again?"

And then her eyes got wide and nearly popped out of her head.

She scurried up the stairs and when she returned, she had my book.

She claims she was just keeping it safe for me.

The very worst part?


My handsome coffee bringing home coffee hubby said "Good! Now you can tell the library that you won't need to buy their copy!"

Uh....I so do!!!!

What if my mom borrows it to never read or return it again????

This book is wooooonnnnndddddeeeerrrrfffffffuuuuulllll and if you have a nook, you can download it for FREE. Yes. That's how little they think of my wonderful book.

And if EVER you find this book,
and for some insane reason you don't like it,
PLEASE send it to me.
I love it so!

(that wasn't so bad, was it mom?)

Tune in TOMORROW for a story involving Hubby and a Police Officer....


Chelsea said...

Oooh I was needing a good book to read! Now I'm going on the hunt for that one!

Anonymous said...

Just reread An Invitation to Tea. Read it the first time in the 50's, came across it recently in a used book store in Portland.
Amazon has multiples among their used books for under $3 if you really want another copy. At least some of them are the original Peoples Book Club edition with dust cover complete.