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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Things I NEVER Imagined I Would Do

( you have been warned )
There are things you just know that you will do one day when you are a parent. You may not want to do them, but you will... let a baby spit up all over you.
.......clean puke.
............not gag when you change nasty diapers.

The list is forever long.

When my sweet baby boy number one was born, I was totally disgusted by drool and declared he would never drool.

The boy was the drooling king. He wore a bib the entire first year of life...just to catch drool.

I should have known it was the beginning of a life of things I would declare I would never do, but would. Because I'm his mom.

But, I never imagined I would do THIS......

Remember when Andrew went on his boar hunt this year? He shot one on the First of January and we all cheered and congratulated him and have loved eating all the meat that is now in our freezer...especially the ribs smothered in Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce.

This weekend, Hubs and I went on a fun date and all the boys stayed at my parents - where they had a blast -. Sunday night all of us were together at my parents and my brother mentioned we needed to grab that boar's head out of the back of his was ready for him to take home. But we forgot and it got late so I just told my sister in law I'd pick it up the next day when she was at work since she drives the truck every day.

I ran a few errands, getting groceries, paczki's for Fat Tuesday the next day and then coffee for me and hot cocoa for my sister in law. I arrived at the farm she works at, pulled along side her truck and dropped the tailgate to see this........

I nearly dropped my coffee.

But, of course, you know well how I love coffee.

I went to hunt down my sister in law - who is a very tough farm chick - and hauled her to the truck.

She was as grossed out as I was.

We stood in the cow barn discussing the grossness of it all, and she dug a bag out of the storage room for us to drop the nasty head into for me to take home....but neither one of us discussed who would actually pick it up.

I'm the mom of the child who shot the thing. I supposed I would be the one who would pick it up. So I delayed as long as possible and we visited new born cute calves instead.

Who doesn't like new born cute jersey calves?

But then, oh-thank-you-God, one of the farm owners stopped in to see if we could move our vehicles and he - the hero he is - heard our plight and followed us out to our vehicles and picked up the nasty boar head, dropping it in the bag for us.

When I opened up the back of the suburban and he seen the carpeted back and the bags of groceries, he just laughed.

I was carrying a boars head home with my groceries.

I do not recall how I became the mother who does such things.

But I did.

And I have a happy eleven year old because of it.


Anonymous said...

You are the most AMAZING momma of those boys. I grew up with all brothers, hunters of course. I would never, ever do the things you do! (I'm sure that is why I have 3 girls ;-) God certainly knew best.

Chelsea said...

I hope those boys realize how good you are to them!

Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...