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Monday, January 3, 2011

S1's Terrible News

S1 shot a huge giant hog Saturday. It's all of 300 pounds. He just got home last night from cutting up the meat with my brother and I am looking forward to sitting down with him to hear about his hunt in great detail. Perhaps we'll have to let him take over the blog again like we did last year when he shot the Russian Boar. A roast is in the crock-pot as I write this...but he has big plans for me to make ribs later this week with Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce (his favorite).

Hubs went to pick up S1 last night as I continued to fold the mountains of laundry and shuffle through the evening. The boys have all had the flu and I have been on a cleaning fury and the mix has worn me out. Of course, staying up till 1:30 to watch the season of 24 we haven't seen yet didn't help either. But it was sooooooo worth it!

As Hubs helped S1 load up the meat and head for home, he got asking him about his weekend and as the two of them so often do, they began to discuss the inner workings of an 11 year boys head. They do this often and I suppose S1 was grateful for some one on one time with just him and his Daddy.

"Daddy," he began gravely, "I have heard some terrible news."

Jake braced himself for what it could be. He hadn't known something bad had happened. "What's that, son?" he asked.

S1 continued on seriously. "I just learned something really bad. When a boy takes a girl on a date, the boy has to pay for the girl."

I'll wait while you continue laughing........

I asked Hubs if he was serious. He said that Andrew had been as serious as could be.

I asked him how he had reacted to S1's terrible news. Jake said he laughed so hard he nearly drove off the road.

I then asked Hubs if he had told him that it was worth it to be married.

Hubs didn't answer. Then he stuttered over his words saying he had assured him I had been worth every penny.

So I gave him "the look". And then we both laughed.

But I wonder if I will ever get a daughter (in-law) one day. Not that I'm in a hurry since none of the boys will be allowed to date till they are thirty.

And then Jake told S1 as he was headed to bed it was good to spend a little money on a date so he could get a girl as good as his Moma one day.

Oh Swoon.


A Joyful Chaos said...

Gotta love that terrible news......

Thanks for sharing the chuckle.

chelsea said...

Ahhhh that is so cute! Sweet innocence...

chelsea said...

Ahhhh that is so cute! Sweet innocence...

Anonymous said...

Oh I laughed...that was just what I needed today!

I love how dramatic and tragic it all seems.