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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My Christmas Miracle

I know this is a Christmas post and we are done with Christmas. But this is a post I just had to share.
This little girl is even my phone background picture because I am still loving this moment so much.
Remember Baby Backup? Well, she isn't such a little baby anymore. And my sister better watch out because Baby Backup is gonna use up a lot of words in a day, competing with my sister. (insert evil giggle here)

But all along Backup hasn't liked me.

I've tried, numerous times, to be the cool aunt. But she doesn't like me. So much so that one time, at a my brothers annual awesome Fourth of July party, she pulled my hand to get her some iced tea. I giddily poured her a cup, where she promptly dumped it on my flip flopped feet and danced away happily.
She has a love affair with Buzz Lightyear. The only girl in our family and she loves anything Buzzy. For Christmas I got her a puzzle. I figured it was too old for her but once I had it stuck in my head that I wanted a puzzle for her I could not be dissuaded.




But when her mean old parents would not let her get all those tiny pieces out for fear they would be lost (Puh-lease!!!), Aun' Niese came to the rescue.
I think she was pleased I did.

I knew she was totally playing me. She hugged me and pointed at her parents and cried some more and when I threatened my sister to hand over the puzzle (I can still pull oldest sister rank), Backup skipped off to the table where we worked on the puzzle.
I think she likes it.

Later, she let me paint her fingernails.


And I loved my Christmas Miracle.


Mugs said...

That was one of the best parts of Christmas!

Kim said...

So cute Denise!! What a precious moment the 2 of you had!