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Sunday, January 23, 2011

We Puzzled and Puzzed till Our Puzzler Was Sore

This whole entire weekend was wonderful. As in, "Hope I remember this time for forever and ever and all the boys remember that this was a super fun weekend too."

What did we do?

What made it so special?

We stayed home.


Friday night Hubs and I crammed in four episodes of 24. And we were in bed before 11. That is exceptional. And any night I get to stay all snuggled up on the couch with my hubby watching this show with just him is wonderful. I look forward to it for days. Honest. And since this is the last season we have to watch...I hope this season lasts forever. Well, sorta. I have to know what happens.

When we woke up on Saturday morning, Hubs and I were in bed together. We can't remember the last time we woke up together. He has been leaving to plow snow before I wake up and it was nice to cuddle for a bit....

Before the boys found us.

And all four of them climbed in bed with us.

Sadie, our German Shepherd, figured if we were ALL in bed she should jump in bed with us too.

Here is the attempted photo. Yah, I can't see much either but at least you know we attempted a photo of four boys, two adults and one large dog in a queen sized bed.
Here is Sadie. Really, she was happy. She climbed up there herself. And really, it was awesome. I told Hubs I hope I never ever forget this morning because it doesn't happen often and I love those mornings when they all want to cuddle with us.

Meanwhile, in another part of the house, there was Josie, our other dog.
Apparently, she needed some alone time. And if she got bored, she could play hockey, as you can see here.
But she doesn't look too interested in moving.

The snow came down sideways all day long Saturday. And it was cold. And we were all home with no where to go and nothing to do so I declared it a snow day. I made pancakes for breakfast and then Hubs and I played cards. The game we play is called Spite and Malice. It's named that for a reason. And when I won, Hubs didn't want to speak to me.

I got him to forgive me though. ;)

The boys played trouble next to us while we played cards. And then I had the brilliant idea to get out a puzzle I purchased forever ago (as in years) and put it together.

This caused mass confusion with S4.

What was I thinking buying a picture I had to put together? Why not just get a picture? He was sure I had lost my marbles.

We worked on it pretty much all Saturday afternoon before Hubs had to go plow.

And it was fun. But it also took up our eating table so we had to get the thing done. I caught myself saying, "Get back here and help us put this thing together RIGHT NOW! It will be FUN! Now, find all the edge pieces and give them to me."

By the end of the night it wasn't put together yet. All the pieces blurred together and we opted for Because of Winn-Dixie instead.

Sunday we woke up to the temp - the ACTUAL air temperature - being MINUS TWELVE. Really.

We had to go to church to teach Sunday school but hurried back home because our pipes in the kitchen froze...that's how cold it was. But it was an easy fix and since not a one of us wanted to go outside, Hubs and I started back up on the puzzle.
He fussed that it was too many pieces. That he didn't want anyone to know he "wasted" his whole day putting a puzzle together.
I really didn't care what he said as long as he helped me finish it because I was determined to finish this puzzle if it was the only thing we did that entire day. Pretty much, it was.
But when S4 put that very last piece in and we all cheered, Hubs told me it really had been fun. And I really should get another one. Maybe just one a bit smaller to put together in one afternoon. So we don't spend hours finding shingles and bits of straw and cheer if we find a chicken toe.
This was taken just as we had to pull it all apart. Which the boys totally didn't get. (Notice the candle? Summer Hydrangea smell my hubs got me for Christmas. Being all cooped up in the house with the boys and wet dogs, this was a necessity.)

It was a blast this weekend. And it was great hearing the boys say things like "this sure is fun today all being together!"

Yup, I do believe I will declare snow days more often.

Just hope they aren't all minus twelve degrees days.

56 days till spring.


Boy Crazy said...

What a special day! And YEEAAHHH for chicken toes!!! LOL!!!

Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

I love that picture of you and Jake :)

And can I tell you a secret? Puzzles give me migraines. They stress me out, and then I end up giving myself a migraine. I can't sit still long enough to do a 25 piece puzzle with the kids!!