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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Boys Took Over the Blog Tonight

I've been tagged in a Meme.
It sounds like Theme.
And that is where my poem ends.
Becca, from Our Crazy Boys, tagged me in this and gave me this bloggy award last week, or was it this week? I forget....


I love Becca for thinking of things like this for me....she makes me stretch out of my comfort zone but she is sweet about it. However, her tweeting me that it is 74 degrees at her house today is NOT nice.
Rules for accepting this award are:

1. Thank & Link back to the person who arwarded you this. Check and thanks again!
2. Share 7 things about yourself
3. Pay it forward to 5 recently discovered great bloggers. (I did some old, and some new)
4. Contact those bloggers and tell them about their award.

And now I am supposed to come up with seven things about myself that you all might like to know about me. But I thought it may be fun to have the boys come up with seven things they think people should know about me.
They thought this was brilliant, they really did! Until, as Jake was sound asleep from plowing and not getting ANY sleep in over 24 hours, I got out my computer as we were eating pancakes for dinner and asked them what their seven things were.
They drew blank faces.
They himmed and hawed.
This is what you got....
(PS they picked out their own pics for this post. That they had no problem doing at all)

Andrew (S1) said....
1. She is good at cooking.
2. She is nice.
3. Thoughtful.
4. She is good at writing and reading.
5. She has beautiful handwriting.
6. Moma encourages us.
7. You are the best Moma ever.

2. Isaac (S2) said....
1. Glad Moma has a job at the library.
2. Moma is a computer quiz (whiz)
3. Moma is loveable.
4. Moma is the best person you could meet.
5. Makes the best tacos and hot dogs.
6. I am glad you are my Moma.
7. I am glad my Moma will let me sign up for football.
( He said this with a grin because....I did not say I would......)

Eli (S3) said....
1. Moma gets the computer out for me.
2. I like playing at the beach with Moma.
3. I like the color of the beach raft Moma gived me.
4. I like going camping with Moma and riding bikes with her.
5. Moma makes good pancakes.
6. Moma cooks good.
7. Moma has good handwriting.
(please note, he was most excited about this idea until it was time. And then he could think of nothing. NOTHING. And then he asked me if he could play on the computer when he was done and I said "yes" and then he had all those ideas instantly.)

Abraham (S4) said....
1. I love staying with her.
2. I really loved it when me and Moma are at home.
3. Moma is a good at writing.
4. I love giving Moma kisses.
5. I really like staying with you.
6. I am glad Moma has a job at the library.
7. I love sticking my tongue out at Moma.
8. You are the best Moma ever.
9. I love Moma's pancakes.
10. I love your spaghetti.
11. I love your hotdogs.
12. Like playing at the beach with Moma.

S4 may show up with more ideas......cuz that's how S4 rolls.
But here are my blogging friends I am passing this on to........
One of my very bestest friends, Mary over at Cohagen Chronicles.
Mel, who is a huge part of Praise and Coffee, over at Mel's World (where she has a give away going on right now!)
Karen at Stairstep Boys because, well, she has four boys and she needs our love! She always has great honest posts and does amazing things with furniture and yummy food recipes.
Kristi is BRAND NEW to the blogging world. And she has just two girls so I love love love her posts. Girliness! She also happens to be my neighbor, how awesome is THAT? Visit her at Reality Check! Life's a Gift...Really.
And here is a blog that's been around for awhile but I only just now refound it. As in, found it TODAY. So how about we check it out together? Reluctant Entertainer seems to be beautiful and filled with yummy food.
Here is who Becca tagged....just in case you would like to check these blogs out. Some of these I follow FAITHFULLY, some are brand new. Enjoy!

I am passing this meme on to my dearest bloggy friends, 4 women who I would love to know more about:

Amy from One Sassy Family

Chelsea from Vicarious Chelsea

Denise from Life with four boys… Coffee Please!

Kellyn from The Fritz Facts

and to one special new bloggy friend that I would love to know more about:

Kathleen from The Many Shades of Violet

Kathleen was named my Little {bloggy} Sister through Krysten’s Big Sister, Little Sister mentor program. I would love to stick her button on my sidebar so you could go visit, but she doesn’t have one yet. I think I know where we might start :)

If you have a second, go welcome Kathleen into the blogging world!

Thanks, Becca! :)
Hope you all got a kick out of the boys tonight.
Now, back to dishes, laundry and the mess, I mean ART, S4 has made today.
61 days till spring


Chelsea said...

OH that is SO cute!!! Letting the boys choose the things about you was brilliant. I'm going to make my kids say nice things about me right now...

Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

That's a great idea! I never think to ask the kids! And thank you for including Kathleen's link! :)

I'm glad you stepped out of your comfort zone a little, and tell those boys that I LOVE the pictures they picked out!

Karen said...

I love what your boys had to say about you!

And, aw shucks, thanks for mentioning my blog. Hmmm. Now what 7 things can I think of about myself. (After the kind of day I had yesterday, I don't think I'd be brave enough to let my boys do the list!):)

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

I love it! Such a sweet sweet list!!

Seriously...I need to get mine up...for the love...