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Friday, January 21, 2011

I Got a Note From A Boy....

I really did.

It was delivered to me yesterday via my oldest son.

It said on the outside...
"To: A- D-
(give to your mom)
(Do Not Lose!)"

I recognized the handwriting immediately and couldn't help but grin.

Inside was his name and his number and when to call - which was when chores were done.

The note asked if he could come play at our house today. He heard that some other boys are headed over today and wanted to come too.

Melt my heart!

Unfortunately, it was too late to call so we are planning another visit on another day. Soon.

I never imagined that our home would be the house that my sons friends wanted to come over and hang out at. I don't think I am anyone overly fun...I just feed them. Cookies, hot cocoa, hot dogs.....nothing fancy. They play outside in the snow banks Hub's has plowed up.

There's lots of days that I don't make it on the "Good Mom" list for the day. But that this boy, whom I think is adorable (though I would never tell him that!) is begging to come over, the two boys that are headed over today are ecstatic to be here, and my boys are happy to have everyone here.....well, that warms my heart. In a big way.

It makes me feel all grown up. Does that make sense? Cuz I remember when my friends wanted to come over to my parents house. (Wasn't that just yesterday?)

58 days till spring!


ValAnn said...

Sometimes the most basic things are "Fun"... Our house growing up was like that, too. And, I love that kids want to be at our house now. Sometimes my hubby thinks its too much, but I have to point out that I would rather they were "here" where I know whats going on than if they always wanted to be somewhere else...

Karen said...

So sweet - it warms my heart that your boys are looking forward to our campout this year. I need to get them over before then because I can't wait that long!

The Farmer's Wife said...

Notes are the best...
Don't you love 'em?

I can see how they'd like to come to your house! Of course! There's a chainsaw in the kitchen, for pete's sake...that just screams "Good times will be had, here!"

Anonymous said...

I really wish I was home when Boo got out of school so we could be that house. I always wanted to be. She loves having friends over on the weekends, and they like coming over (I hope at least)! That makes me happier then so many things.