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Monday, January 24, 2011

Knowledge I Have Learned From S4 Over The Weekend

S4 talks all the time.

As in...


He even talks in his sleep.

When he spends the day at the library with me, no one wonders why I blog. The problem is, I can't even remember all the things he says in a day because it is sooooooooooo much.

I'd like to record him all day long. Really. Because he is his own comedy act even when he doesn't mean too be. But sometimes he does and then he is really funny.

This weekend he was especially "wise".

He informed me that Girls don't know that much stuff. All girls have to do is cook and write. Boys know cool stuff and are way stronger so they are cooler than girls. And girls can't do anything without a license. But boys can. That's why boys are better.

I try to argue this with him. But his mind is made up.

I can't understand, I am a girl. Enough said.

S4 looooooooooooooves his Sunday School teachers. I don't know how Mr and Mrs G do such a great job week after week but I sincerely hope they are S4's Sunday School teachers for forever. Honestly. This week they apparently learned about Satan...and S4 took all they had to say to heart. When S3 wasn't wrestling fair with him, he informed him it was because he had learned to be mean from Satan.

Would that not make you suddenly want to be nice?

I think it's gonna be S4's new ace in the hole response. Which means I had better come up with a good explanation when we are out and about and he starts telling strangers they learned bad behavior from Satan.

Can you imagine????

For a looooong time S4 has told these elaborate stories about when he was a "little kid". They all begin with "Well, when I was a little kid....." and they are grand wonderful stories. I will do all I can to pry them from him. Since he has started school, however, he never has them anymore. This makes me terribly sad and wishing I had written more down. Today he informed me that he would tell me a story....if I let him stay two nights, or more, at Oma and Papa's house (my parents). Until then, no stories.


I hadn't even asked for one. Had no thoughts of one. He just informed me. In his no nonsense way.

He then let me know that if I hurt his feelings I can just hug him and he will forgive me.

That's a relief.

Saturday night I put my hair up in all sorts of little buns. That way when I woke up Sunday, it would be all curly. I used to do it all the time when my hair was in that "I can do nothing with it at all" growing out stage. I couldn't remember exactly how I used to pull it off. S4 jumped in bed to snuggle with me and give me a full report on all his brothers going ons and noticed my hair in its buns.

He stopped mid report.

That never happens.

"What did you do with your hair?" he asked disgusted.

I played it off as thinking it was super pretty (this is probably why he has such a big job of explaining life to me....Obviously I need serious help). He informed me all morning with a scrunched up nosed look that he thought it looked "different".

He was thrilled when it got all unwound and was curls. Though he likes it better "regular" looking he informed me. And since my hair didn't really turn out well after all, he did have me there.

His brothers and he watched Because of Winn-Dixie. Remember the bear that comes into the library? Well, he is going to be ARMED and PREPARED next time we go to the library. He has it all planned out. Because, he is a boy and he will have to protect his moma and Miss A. It's the boys duty.

And he will be brave enough to do it if he has a nerf gun, a piddow pet and his moma nearby.

All weekend I got innumerable hugs, kisses, "you are the best moma ever" statements and compliments on the chocolate chip cookies I made. That little baby boy of mine, well, he is hilarious and he melts my heart a million times a day. And when he goes to school full time next year, my life will be boring.

It will.

He is a treasure and I am so thankful God surprised us with Abraham five years ago. He knew we needed him. Heck, ABE knows we NEED him.

All the boys have their own special places and special quirks, S4's just demand my time more often and I thought I'd give you a glimpse - I stress that strongly, this is a glimpse - into a weekend with him. This, by far, is my favorite stage of boyhood.

55 days till spring


Chelsea said...

Hilarious, like his mama! I love your countdown to Spring. I for one am SO tired of being cold. I'm over it!
Um... errr... shoot I guess it's colder there than it is here...

Kimberly said...

cute :-) I too love my little boys with all there little stages. I left your blog link to a silly award on my blog...btw :-) ~Kimberly

Gina said...

Sooooooooooooo cute! I love your stories! I have one boy...and life is never boring!!!

The Farmer's Wife said...

He and Angus are SO alike...
Talking constantly; my goodness, some days my ears ring!

Girl things; he only gives "man" kisses now.

Love this post about Abraham!