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Monday, January 17, 2011

The Impossible Case of S3 and His Missing Homework


Everyone loves him because he is so loveable. He hugs and kisses and back rubs and snuggles and smiles and is so darn adorable.

He is also our antagonist. Our sneaky boy. The one that is always in the middle of the "WHAT is going on in here?"

And since school has started up since Christmas, he is our homework skipper.

I ask him if he has homework, he assures me he has none. This weekend, he shoved his back pack under the seat of the suburban so we didn't find it till Monday morning.

This is also the same boy who is not getting dressed, not getting his lunch made and loosing everything he needs for school every. single. morning. Even if it was all at his chair waiting for him the night before.

I keep waiting for his great teacher to send home a note where he has been warned or punished or something for not bringing home his homework.

And honestly, she could have all along but I would have never known.

So I sent her an email begging the sweet, kind, fun teacher who I think the world of to be as mean and strict as she needed to be to S3 to get his homework done. She and I worked up a plan, because, she totally rocks and we work well together like this.

I worked late at the library. When I got home, I had a brief moment with hubby and I asked him how it had gone with the boys. "GREAT, we even got all our homework done."

"That IS great!" I exclaimed. "Even with Eli?"

He paused a moment to think on S3. "No, he said he had homework but he couldn't find it." He began chuckling. "The funny thing is that he said that he has to have it done by Friday or he has to stay in for recess. But he is not worried about that since he is sure Friday is SIX days away."

Yah, his math figuring may be part of his homework he has been hiding.

So, his teacher and I will be scheming again........


jason dykstra said...

im so glad there was no e mail when i was in school

Chelsea said...

This post is awesome. Jason's comment, before mine, is hilarious too!

Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

Hee hee! I love it, and I love emailing the teacher... we do it all the time!

fritzfacts said...

hehehe Sounds like Hunter! The boy "never" has homework...sure thing kiddo! Only now he is 14 and still "never" has homework half the time. Ugh!

Hope you guys figure it out!!