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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday Funnies

Here are two quick stories for you.....


On Saturday, all four boys went to work with me at the library. It wasn't a planned thing. I may have arrived at my day at work with three boys in tow (one was at a friends) and a desperate need for coffee because - get this - I ran out of creamer for my coffee.

But I knew I had some at the lovely library.

My wonderful boss (Jake fondly calls her "boss lady") said the boys would be fine there all day. She even brought one son to a basketball game her son was playing at the school and when she returned, she brought two of my sons (the one who had been at a friends). I, not one to waste an opportunity, put the boys to work. I began by asking them to take the garbage out. S1 said he didn't know where they were (to be fair, he did not know where they all were. But, I mean, it's a GARBAGE...pretty easy to guess where they are!) so S4, who is nearly a full fledged librarian already at the ripe old age of five, declared himself the task master and ordered his brothers and my boss's son around.

It may have made me giggle.

And be appreciative that S4 is not my boss.

Like, super thankful. He is a tough task master!

Alicia and I paid them in Doritos and Animal Crackers.

S3 got the bag of animal crackers and suddenly realized that with control of the food made him the perfect guy to start a game of "catch me".

Did you know that library shelves are like the ultimate maze/race track EVER???

As the boys were running through the library squealing with joy and laughter (NOTE: at this point we were CLOSED for the day, they were very good all day long. Like, shockingly so, I was used to the behavior they were portraying now.) one of them shouted out "I've never had so much fun in a library!"

S1 calmly explained, "That's because libraries are not supposed to be fun."

However....our library?? It is totally fun.

And the boys, we found out, our great at running a vacuum.

Second story....

S1 had a friend stay over Saturday night. He dresses all in camo and loves to live out doors. He fits right in at our house. As in...perfectly.

He is quiet and sweet and he loves chickens.

On our way to church, the boys were asking how long their friend could stay. And I said we would keep him because he's a good influence on my rowdy boys with his quiet nature. And I needed someone who could help take good care of the chickens.

S2 then requested that their friends brother come live with us too because the younger brother is a huge sports boy...and he and S2 play at recess. Every. Single. Day.

In fact, the only reason the friends brother wasn't at the overnight stay was because he had had a basketball game in another town.

S4, who knows all (just ask him) declared from his booster seat in the back "What are you thinking??? Moma needs someone to wash dishes for her and scribble things on paper for her. She don't need someone to play football!!!!"

Ah, he has his moma so pegged on this one.

And I may have giggled over this story all day. Especially as I washed dishes.

Bonus story.....

Over the weekend my parents came for dinner.

I sent my mom this text..."We should be fine, but could you bring me a roll or two of toilet paper? Thanks."

Then I said "Oh, just realized I don't have coffee creamer. May have to run to store anyhow."

After a brief moment to reflect, I texted her again. "Should I be worried that toilet paper was not an emergency but coffee creamer is?"

Welcome to my life.

And may I mention my Mom is the greatest....she brought us TWO triple sized rolls. Ahhhhh, that is love. AND, she brought dry coffee creamer from her house.

And I found coffee mix in my cub-hoard. (thank goodness for that emergency stash!)

So the evening was just perfect.

As is my life.


Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

The bonus story was the best :)

Toilet paper? Pseesh.... It's all about the creamer!

Elizabeth said...

You have FOUR boys? oy. I have three and I always wonder if I have one more, maybe it will be a girl. Because THREE in a row is really a lot. but apparently no. Good lord. :D

fritzfacts said...

Can I just tell you that the library we lived at (across the street from) growing up had the BEST rows for running...not that we ever did. And my brother MAY or MAY NOT have broken three fingers falling over a stool.