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Monday, January 3, 2011

A Monster Buck

S1 was determined he was going to get buck this year. We had been hearing about a 12 point buck and my sister in law nearly hit it one morning (I won't tell you what Hubs, my brother, and S1 had to say about her braking for it instead of speeding up to hit it.) She said it was the biggest buck she had ever seen....and she would know. My brother is an avid hunter and is the one who takes S1 on his hunts.
S1 had worked hard at staying quiet and sitting at his stand or in the tree for more than an hour at a time (hard work for an eleven year old on a cold day).
He had a chance for a doe and her yearlings. But he missed. Three times. And was crushed.
One rainy dark cold dank nasty night, we were sitting all warm and cozy in the house finishing dinner when we heard a shot.
We waited a bit and then we heard another shot.
I sent a text to our neighbor and it hadn't been Trav. We heard the four wheeler and knew it was someone very very close to us.
I kept an eye on face book and it wasn't long before I seen it was my friend across the field's husband, Matt.
Matt had gotten the elusive big buck. Who turned out to be an 11 point. That scored 154.5 inches.
I wondered how S1 would take the news. I mean, he had big dreams for this buck. Daddy had promised him we would get it mounted if he shot it.
And the neighbor had gotten it.
Not any neighbor. A neighbor who had kept S1 and S2 busy this fall with wood and odd chores, paying them well so S1 could go on his hunt this winter. He and his wife had taken very good care of the boys and the boys thought the world of them.
Andrew was quiet for a bit before he began to grin. "Well, if anyone should get it, it should be Mr. Matt. He deserves to get such a big deer."
He then asked me every five minutes or less if we could go see it.
There are moments when you are proud of your kids. So much so you just nearly burst with joy over them.

That was this night.

He could have been angry or bitter, although I didn't think he would be. Instead he was probably almost as excited as Matt. Seriously. Mr. Matt turned out to be the most famous guy at school the next day, thanks to S1. Our property borders their's and S1 was thrilled THIS buck had been on OUR property too and that his FRIEND Mr. Matt had shot it. And HE got his picture taken with it.
I didn't mind that I was the only girl in the garage with a bunch of guys I didn't know so my boys could see this historic buck. Or at least, didn't mind too much. But this smile made my day...heck, it made the hunting season.

Congratulations again to a great hunter, Matt Rairigh.

Take a moment to meet my friend (his wife) Kristi. She has two little girls and since her life is so different then mine (just in that she has adorable girls and I have rowdy boys....but even my boys are super impressed with their THAT is saying a LOT), I always look forward to any fb updates the girl has to offer.

Follow Kristi's BRAND NEW blog REALITY CHECK! Life's a Gift....Really.


Gramma Teetsie said...

Ok, once I saw the pic. I didn't read the story yet - but how many horns did it have? Or should I say "What a RACK". How awesome your boys can enjoy the real outdoor stuff and you are a part of it. Love it.

Gramma Teetsie said...

Oops - 12 points. How cool. But still...What a "RACK"

Kristi said...

You are too sweet - it's obvious where your sons get it from.

This is a great story and will go down in the history books in my family for years and years.

Next year, it's Andrew's turn. There's 2 other big ones running back there. A 7 point and a bigger 8 point.

If anyone should get it, it should be your boy Andrew.

JD said...

Great story and pics, Dee. Must remember to share my one and only (pheasant) hunting story sometime. Cheers!