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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Making Ginger Bread Houses with S3

Yesterday I mentioned that I had gone to school to make Ginger Bread houses with S3. It occurred to me that I had not told you about this experience.
I think I only have one more "Christmasy" post after this. Then I think we are caught up. But since Christmas is a busy time of the year and I did not blog much then....I hope you all don't mind.
On the day of my hubby's birthday and the glorious cake, when I was still trying to figure out how to get the said cake, I went to the school to make ginger bread houses with S3.
Amy, over at Our Sassy Family, was laughing. Because she had made a ginger bread creation just before this day and it had been.....blogworthy. You can read about it all HERE, make sure you check her youtubes too that relate to the story. I could hear her laughter and "good luck" and "I WANT PICTURES" ringing in my head as I walked in the school door.
Because of the cake planning.
But I arrived and Eli shot me a huge smile so all was well.

Using empty milk cartons (remember this, it's key) we frosted them, put on graham crackers and decorated them. Sounds (and messy) enough....
Except that frosting was super yummy and hard to resist.
S3 had an idea how he wanted this to look and I was not going to get in his way. He had a lot of fun and was deep in though with his tongue sticking out a bit of the side of his mouth in deep concentration - or licking the remnants of the frosting.
Notice the "E" for Eli.
He was VERY proud of that!

We brought it home and displayed it on the shelf in the dining room. I noticed S1 keeping an unusually close eye on it. Finally he asked "When are we going to eat that?"

In his mind, there is no point in having good food go to waste! ;)


Anonymous said...

Ha! That is awesome. No letting food go to waste for sure! I did that with Boo in 1st grade I think...I loved it!

chelsea said...

Oh boy... Such a BOY thing to think about!!! I heart your stories!

Boy Crazy said...

Haha! Cute! Those bottomless-boy-tummy-pits!!!!!

Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

I love his E!

Did he really eat it? And like it?