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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

House Flies

I am embarrassed to even admit this.....but.......

We are currently bombarded with house flies.

Consider yourself sufficiently warned if you come over.

It's bad when you have friends over and say "Excuse me" and begin swatting the nasty things as you try to carry on a conversation as though it's just as normal as can be.

I laugh when someone says "I have four flies in my kitchen and they are driving me batty."

I laugh because I know how batty ONE fly is to me.

And because there are probably 4o flies in my kitchen right now. As I type this. Hoping they don't find me in the dining room (where my computer is).

The boys find it a sport of sort. And if they get a nice fat juicy fly they run it out to feed the toads and frogs and snakes and whatever else is out there in the water tank.

I, however, have terrible aim.

I can NOT enter fly season without thinking of Mary over in Montana. This is one of my most favorite posts from her...

That statement is so very sad and so very true.

Anyway, You all MUST read this post. It's a true classic. And further evidence that my life and her life can be eerily the same...even if I don't have her beautiful cows.


Anonymous said...

I hate HATE flies! They drive me nuts, but even worse they torture the dog who then runs into EVERYTHING and EVERYONE trying to get one. It is awful.

Sandie said...

I just came across your blog because I was looking for images about annoying flies, love your blog :)