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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Birthday Cake Surprise

You heard all about my romantic husband's surprise date for me. That was Saturday, the day BEFORE my birthday.
The next day was my actual birthday and I spent the day letting my husband make me steak and then sorta picked up the house a bit and answered facebook birthday well wishes. I decided I really needed a cake for my birthday and even though I didn't have red food coloring I thought I would try a Red Velvet cake.
Just about that time, a vehicle pulled in. And from the back of the mini van came my mom and my sister singing happy birthday to me.
(I don't normally wear a white dress at HERE at my HOUSE (in fact, my mom was thinking I was exceptionally brave and daring to purchase one) but this is my BIRTHDAY dress and I wanted to show them what my romantic hubby had bought me.)

My mom and sister came bearing cake.
This cake is made with coffee. Do you have to wonder then why it is my favorite? Then you top it with cherry pie filling and then you top that with cool whip. It's soooooo yummy.

Please note that I am not 311 years old. My mom had a three candle, a one candle and I had a single candle to make my correct age. My boys loved teasing me I was 311 though.

And it's a good thing they showed up because my birthday cake turned out like this........

I had my mom snap a photo of all of us on my birthday.
Why, yes, that IS S2 in his football gear (he had to show everyone!) and that is S4 with a helmet on. Because you always take pictures on Moma's birthday with a helmet on.

Please excuse the clean laundry piled in the chair. And the seeds in the other chair.....

But I rather love this photo anyhow.

I happened to catch a cute picture of Blaine, my sister's newest baby. How can you NOT love those big ol cheeks?
S4 had to give Baby Backup a big ol hug....
My niece, I love her. She is so........okay words escape me. I am just glad she likes me now. And I have to share this story with you....In Sunday school they asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up and she shot her hand in the air and growled authoritatively "A Dinosaur!"
Here is a pic of my sister and I on a very hot birthday day. We had been giggling quite a bit by the time this one was taken and I do believe I will be framing this.

But I KNOW I will be framing this one......
My Dad and Mom and I on my birthday. This was the greatest gift ever, a visit from my parents on my birthday and a picture to remember the day.

Thank you for making the best birthday ever EVEN BETTER. I love you all so much!
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Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

It looks like you had an AMAZING day!! Family, cake, and a birthday dress!!

I totally thought you put the helmet on S4 because he ran into the wall the night before. I'm not the only Mom to make my kids wear helmets after they run into walls, am I?

Blue Cotton Memory said...

Beautiful Dress! When you have 4+ boys, you definitely need a sister and mom to bake you a cake - 'cause it ain't happenin' otherwise (I speak from experience - luckily, I have an aunt, though a state away).

Happy Birthday - wishing you a year of blessing and joy!

Anonymous said...

I was thinking the same thing as Becca! Safety is key! hahaha

I am so glad you had such a wonderful memorable birthday! No one deserves it more!