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Monday, August 22, 2011

S1's Great Summer Reading Prize

If you have read my blog for any amount of time you know that I work at a library part time.
This is my first summer working with a Summer Reading Program. It is also the first time I have had the boys involved. They sorta were forced too, moma working at the library and all.
I have taken them in years past but haven't really harped on them to read and when we got to the library we got to the library. It wasn't a big deal to me.
But THIS summer they were guaranteed at least ONE day a week at the library. All the kids did a great job reading and I was proud of them....
But the one who read the most was S1.
We had chosen as one of the prizes the whole Brian Series from Gary Paulsen. He has read them all, some of them two or three times, and they are his favorite books but he doesn't own a one of them.
For ever 15 minutes you spend reading, you get one ticket. On that ticket you write your name and then we had age appropriate prizes that you would try to win. All the tickets were collected in various coffee cans (um, yes, I mighta had a little something to do with the coffee can donation).
On the last day of the summer reading program, with a donation from the fabulous Plainwell Ice Cream, all the kids from the summer reading program gathered in the library with crossed fingers in hopes their name was chosen among all the names for a prize.
S4's name wasn't chosen for the craft kit. He sobbed. I was glad I didn't have the mess to clean up but I felt terrible for him too. It's all he's talked about this entire summer.
All my boys were hoping for the fifty dollar gift card to Walmart. Not a one of them won it.
When it came time for the Gary Paulsen series, S1 couldn't sit still. He was literally bouncing. He had poured nearly every single ticket into that can to win those books.
And win he did.
The boy coulda won a million dollars he was that excited.

His Daddy was pretty stinkin' proud of him too. As a guy who doesn't like to read a book a bit, he sure was proud of the time and effort S1 put into reading.
note S4's bunny ears that didn't reach the top of anyone's head

Soooooo proud of S1!!!!!!

All libraries have a Summer Reading Program. Most libraries have special programs all year long, but none as involved as the summer reading. Be sure to check them out!

And if any of you have book clubs...will you send me some info on how you go about that? We are thinking of starting an adult one at the library this winter. Thanks!

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Anonymous said...

Boo LOVES the summer reading program. We signed up the first day...she filled her 20 hours within two weeks. My girl she loves to read.

So proud of S1!! Such a huge thing, to log that many minutes. Those books are some of Hunter's favs too!