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Tuesday, August 30, 2011


This is my friend Morgan........

We were headed out to Praise and Coffee on this particular night.

Morg is the type of friend I never thought I would have.

My husband told me I should spend some time talking to her....I was wrangling kids at church and thought that sounded as possible as me becoming a marathon runner. I liked Morgan, how can anyone not with her cheery disposition?, and she has amazing taste in style but that was it, I thought. I am busy being a wife and mother and she's a single girl about to head off to Europe for a few months.

Shame on me. And I hope she forgives me.

But I think she has because she brings me treats like this.....
Allllllllllllllll the time. This is apple cake with sour cream frosting and devils food cake with caramel frosting.

From scratch, people.

I love Morgan's bubbly personality, her inability to be anything but honest, the way the boys just love her to pieces, the way she is so incredibly girly she knows just what I need even if I didn't know it existed (Like So Soft conditioner for my hair or to hunt out deals at TJ Maxx). She is able to know my day is tough and hard and sweep us ALL up and cheer us with food and good times.

She is an amazing friend and I cherish her friendship so greatly.

We have spent countless amounts of time discussing the food network ( I did not ever ever ever watch it till she convinced me it is thrilling television, and she's right ), pouring over cookbooks and talking about good food.

She has begun a new blog, Ruffles and Cream. I seriously suggest you follow it, favorite it, read it constantly.

If you follow me on twitter, you see me talking to her allllll the time at her handle @rufflessequins.

God definitely knew I needed Morgan as a friend in my life, and I am so glad He spared her and gave me her as a great gift. We almost weren't friends, I cannot imagine that now. Can't fathom it at all.

If she hadn't survived two bouts of cancer at 17 and 21.....

If I hadn't set aside my prejudice of being too old...
(no smart aleck comments from my husband on this one)

If I'd decided I didn't need another friend....

All the laughs I would have missed out on.

Who needs to be your new best friend?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I love friends like that, the ones that just know when you need just a little something. How blessed you both are!!

But...umm...I really want that cake...