Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Blog-Worthy Morning, Part 2, Before 7am

We turned the news on at five. Right when they start. To be honest, this is my last sleep in morning of the week so I have the hardest time getting up on Wednesday mornings. Thursday and Friday are Jr days, which means I'm up at four. So, the news was on in our bedroom and my eyes were closed. S3 came hobbling down the stairs and cuddled up next to me and fell back to sleep. Ah, how sweet!

I stumbled, literally, out of bed and felt the blinding dining room light on my eyes. “What are you eating?” I asked my husband.

“Cocoa pebbles.”

There were three loaves of bread on the stove. Two had been cut into and were in plastic bags already, one was wrapped up for later. My husband loves toast. He eats toast and nasty margarine and honey all the time. He eats it for a bedtime snack, he eats it for a morning snack, he loves toast.

It's one of the reasons we love Mercy Watson stories so much.

“Not...,” I tried to get my mind to work saying words, since it moves really really super slow in the morning, “Home made toast?”

“Aunt Millie slices bread for me so why should I have to work to slice bread?” he asked.
I will wait while all you women who have worked hard to make bread and have it TWICE put down (last night with the margarine and this morning with the pass) gasp your “he did NOT”'s.....

But he did. Really. And then I seen what he was doing as he ate his cold, sugary cereal. Looking at the seed catalog. Here is my husband is a one track mind kinda guy. I know he only was thinking of what seeds he can plant next year. I also know that to him, dripping honey on his new catalog would have pained him beyond, well, beyond what he how badly he wanted to be pained. Milk can be mopped off a catalog with very little damage. Honey, well, that's just a sticky mess.

Now, something else embarrassing about our family that I am now letting blogosphere know about...we have a TV in our bathroom. Yes. We do. My husband has always thought this a most brilliant idea and so, after him going on and on and on about it, I took our camper TV and put it in the bathroom. Our one and only bathroom for all visitors to see. However, this morning it was great because in the shower I could listen to the news to see if they mentioned my homemade bread!

As the boys woke up, I asked them all if they wanted a slice of toast and S3, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes as he hugged me, let me know he would love a piece of bread with brown butter (peanut butter) and honey. Oh, bless his heart! S1 requested some for his lunch but wanted his cereal for breakfast.

I just love that cuddly S3! He gobbled up his toast till it was gone, checked to make sure I was wearing the yarn bracelet he made me the night before, gave me a hug and we continued getting ready for the morning....

Not knowing how it would keep going.....

(PS As I was writing this, Hubby called to say hello and I told him I was writing a blog about how mean he was to me this morning and he said “what? How? I'm perfect, you know that!” When I reminded him about the bread he said, “Well, you have to slice it for me....” Yes, I love my husband!)

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